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Have Snuggies jumped the shark?

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Few "As Seen on TV" items have caught on as quickly as the now-ubiquitous Snuggie, aka "the blanket with sleeves." Stories were written about its popularity. Photo galleries showed enthusiasts in all their warm, fuzzy glory. But now things are getting serious. The date for the first official Snuggie Pub Crawl has been set.

On April 18, Snuggie-wearers from around the city, and possibly the world, will gather somewhere (the location is TBA) to toast their toastiness. As of this writing, 1856 people had at least signed up for information, so you know this thing is gonna be huge. If you don't have the appropriate garb already, you can buy one on the crawl's website. Just make sure to order by February 28, or you could get left in the cold.

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