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Bleepin' lizards! Blago found in funny folk

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Greg Klyma is a clever singer-songwriter who bills himself as the "Rust Belt vagabond" and has played a few times at the Woody Guthrie Folk Festival down in Oklahoma. While passing through downstate recently, he was inspired — as Woody would have been — to quickly throw together a small ditty about the particular political situation of the moment. The video above showcases his new folk song, "Bleepin' Blago," in two performances — one on WDBX, the other at Cousin Andy's, both in Carbondale.

Of the song, he writes on YouTube: "The shelf life of this song passed about two minutes before I wrote it, but I had an appearance on the radio and a gig in Southern Illinois to play. My true calling?"

Shelf life? That sure hasn't stopped "Saturday Night Live" (which still can't seem to get an Illinois accent correct). Or Second City. So bet on Klyma playing the song again when he's back through the area, April 17 at the Two Way Street Coffee House in Downers Grove.

What other Blago-riffic tunes have you heard around town? Have you written one? Comment below or email and do tell!

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