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3 Things We Love About ... Humboldt Park


Owners Victor and Nancy Garcia of Papa's Cache Sabroso.

1. Garlicky chicken jibaritos from Papa's Cache Sabroso, located in the heart of Paseo Boricua. (2517 W. Division)

2. Biking through the 207-acre park, which was named for Alexander von Humboldt, a German naturalist who never set foot in Chicago. (1400 N. Sacramento)

3. Chilling at the Continental (formerly The Hiawatha) where DJs spin rock, indie, and downtempo styles til 4 a.m., and cocktails rarely cost more than $7. (2801 W. Chicago)

What are your three favorite things about Humboldt Park?


I lived in the neighborhood till I was about 6 yrs old - back when dinosaurs roamed the earth!

We had an apartment on West McLean - spent our days at the park, roaming the 'hood for empties to turn in for penny candy till Gracie at the deli cut us off(too much candy), roller skating in front of the Lutheran Church till the custodian chased us away (best sidewalk around!), and an occasional stop at the kosher deli for live chicken and a coloring book.

I hear it's changed just a tad......

1. The "Elotes" Guy, I never thought I wold become addicted to corn, mayo, cayenne, and cheese. But I am
2. How dog friendly everyone in the neighborhood is. It seems everyone has a dog here
3. Tipsy Cake on California! Cupcakes are amazing so many creative flavors

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