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3 Things We Love About ... Ashburn

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1. Trying to keep up with the 200-average bowling crowd at Bluebird Lanes. Oh well, there's always the arcade, or better yet, the bar.

2.  The cute wait staff and Sunday night trivia at Groucho's Pub & Lounge.

3.  Extra thin-crust pizza, Old Style, and South Side accents (did somebody say "sassage?") at nearly fifty-year old Vito & Nick's Pizzeria.

Lee Musso, known as Aunt Lee, serving pizza at Vito & Nick's. (Sun-Times file)

What are you favorite three things about Ashburn?

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#1 nick and Vito's

#2 the neighborhood itself

#3 the People who grew up there

3 things i hate about Ashburn

#1 St. Denis closed down because of the downwards spiral of Catholic Kids in he Neighborhood..

#2 all the great people that grew up there are now gone...

#3 the fact that someone could by crack on the same corners that were once the safest places in the whole city

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