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Lunchtime changes

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Looks like Chicagoans are in for some changes to their midday-meal routine, per the MenuPages Blog. First, Freshii, the Canadian salad/wrap chain that added its first U.S. location here last year, plans to add 80 more in the coming years. That's a lotta toasted sunflower seeds.

If you're more of a sandwich nosher, there's news on that front, too. Your favorite homegrown toasted-sammie purveyor, Potbelly's, will be making some menu changes courtesy of new CEO Aylwin Lewis. No more "one size/price fits all," folks. You'll soon be able to get bigger, meatier, cheesier sandwiches (for an increased price, up to $4.50) as well as smaller, "skinny" varieties aimed at the diet market. Good thing, bad thing? We're not sure, but we do know that more choices will probably mean longer lines.

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