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Nothin' fishy about this brunch deal

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You've heard of hair of the dog. Well, SushiSamba Rio's new Sunday brunch deal, beginning this weekend, serves up the whole darn pooch. Before you go crying to PETA, let us clarify - the midday meal includes no family pets on its menu, nor does it have sushi, for that matter. Food-wise, it's not quite that adventurous, though offerings like Asian pear pancakes and Kobe sliders, plus a Brazilian stew made with pork and beef and served with orange slices, sound enticing.

But what we're really excited about are the three complimentary cocktails per person. We're talking mimosas, bloody marys, caipirinhas - or just fresh-squeezed juices, if you really can't handle the hard stuff (or you're underage).

$16 per person ($8 per kid under 12) gets you one entree and the aforementioned drinks. Brunch is served 11 a.m.-4 p.m. Reservations are recommended: (312) 595-2300.

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