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No more Winston's, no more pita

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It looks like the end of the road for one of our favorite Lakeview sandwich shops, Winston’s Market. After some sporadic closings during the day and early evening, there’s now a sign up that says the building, at 3440 N. Southport, is for sale. The place was definitely a breath of fresh air. Aside from a menu of fresh-made sandwiches, the deli also offered salads by the pound and a large (albeit high-priced) selection of micro-brews.

But the best (and most economical) entrée on the menu was the $5 pita special, which they advertised on a sign out front that you couldn’t miss when walking down Southport. What you got for your Lincoln was a hefty chicken pile of chicken on a fresh pita, topped with fresh veggies and accompanied by a hot plate of fries.

On our last visit, the sign had been down for at least a week or so. When the cashier asked for our order, we replied, “The pita special.” He hesitated for a moment before we gave him a knowing look and a quick wink. “Ah, the pita special. Coming right up.”

Man, we're gonna miss that pita.

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