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Flower power — and Florasonic! — at the LP Conservatory

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When the cabin fever gets to you — remember the Jimmy Buffett song about shooting holes in his freezer? — there are few places to go more invigorating than the Lincoln Park Conservatory. It's warm, humid and stuffed full of blooming flowers.

For another month, it's also blooming with intriguing sounds. According to this article in Time Out Chicago, the conservatory's fern room now features (through Feb. 28) a project called Florasonic, "an unusual series of art installations coordinated by the Edgewater-based Experimental Sound Studio (ESS). The latest Florasonic project, Baltimore-based artist Jenny Gräf Sheppard’s 'Osmosymbiotic Echo,' fills the Fern Room with recorded birdsongs, electronic sounds and ultrasonic noises that only birds and insects can hear."

Take off the coat, stay a while. Wander, smell — and listen!

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