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3 Things We Love About ... Uptown

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1. Getting lost among the ornate mausoleums at Graceland Cemetery — the final resting place of luminaries like Joseph Medill and Jack Johnson.

The suds are cold at Carol's Pub. (Sun-Times file)

2. Dancing with the country-western crowd at Carol's Pub, where one of the regulars might just try to steal your significant other.

3. Bulldozers! (C'mon, Target! C'mon!)

What are your favorite three things about Uptown?

1 Comment

First a comment to #3 listed above.

Come On!? #3 favorite thing about Uptown is a possible Target and Bulldozers? This seems like a cheap cop-out and totoally ignores the things that make a community special.

The Uptown Theater hopefully rising from the dead? The Green Mill Cocktail Lounge with live jazz and peotry slam?
Mini-Chinatown on Broadway?

Please try a little harder next time.

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