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There's more to "Dancing with the Stars" than fancy footwork and learning new routines. Brooke Burke, who co-hosts "Dancing" with Tom Bergeron, revealed on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Monday that there is much planning and prep work that goes into each show, making "Dancing" a seven-day-a-week production.

Burke took cameras backstage on "Dancing" to show rehearsals -- during which she was shown wearing large curlers -- and what the stars do to get all dolled up for each show.

Mother of eight and reality show diva Kate Gosselin, who was cast off the show last week, revealed "Dancing" concocts its own spray tan so that each star and dancer doesn't look fake-baked.

They get hosed down with the special tanner on Sunday and can't take a shower for 24-hours, leaving them greasy and smelly, Gosselin explained.

With all that grease from the spray tan and sweat while dancing, it makes using sticky tape to keep those costumes in place impossible, according to the show's costumes department.

Therefore, the costumes are sewn very tight so no one has a Janet Jackson moment, said Burke, referring to Jackson's wardrobe malfunction at the end of her performance during the Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show. Burke said the stars work with the costumes department to design their own outfits for each dance.

Even the guys get some work done, according to Gosselin's dance partner Tony Dovolani.
Despite having some definition in his abs, Dovolani removes his shirt and shows how makeup is applied to further define his muscles. While he said he hates having makeup applied, pro dancer Cheryl Burke shook her head no.

As Dovolani was having his abs done up, Gosselin was shown with strips on her face, which Dovolani said with a smile was to help reduce wrinkles.

And what about their hair? Well, the show has a variety of hair extensions so any hairdo is possible.

Brooke Burke won the disco ball trophy with partner Derek Hough in November 2008. She told Winfrey that afterwards, she campaigned -- including on twitter -- her desire to become a cohost of the show. It was among the items on her bucket list, Burke said, and so was being a guest of Winfrey's show.

Octomom talking to Oprah for show next week

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Nadya Suleman's attorney says the octuplets' mother will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" next week and discuss how she is raising her 14 children.

Jeff Czech told the Orange County Register on Tuesday that Winfrey sent a TV crew to film at Suleman's La Habra home last week. He says Suleman went to a Los Angeles studio to film a remote interview with Winfrey that is scheduled to air April 20. The attorney says the interview covered "straight talk" about surviving with her family of 14 and Winfrey asked his client "some hardballs."


More 'Glee' than usual on 'Oprah'

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Here's a snippet of the "Glee" cast on today's Oprah show ...

Oprah lands John Edwards mistress

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John Edwards' mistress and his wife soon will have more than one thing in common: appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Edwards' baby mama, Rielle Hunter, will be a guest on an upcoming show, Oprah's camp has announced. This will be Hunter's first TV interview since the scandal broke.

Oprah's people say no date for the show has been set, but The National Enquirer reports that Oprah will visit Hunter in her Charlotte, N.C., home for a show to air during May sweeps.

"Rielle is super excited to have Oprah come into her home," an insider told The Enquirer exclusively. "She's excited about giving her account of how she met John, how the affair began and what's in store for her future. Rielle also wants to clear the air about the GQ photos -- she's basically doing it to get the truth out and tell her side of the story."

That would make Oprah's talk with Hunter exactly a year after Edwards' wife, Elizabeth, appeared on the show in May 2009 to talk about the affair and Elizabeth's book.

The GQ article Hunter refers to above was a tell-all interview accompanied by some alluring photos.


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