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On the heels of a new Vogue article where Jennifer Aniston says "what Angelina [Jolie] did was very uncool", the actress sat down with Oprah Winfrey emphasizing there's no hard feelings between her and ex-Brad Pitt.

"He [the Vogue journalist] asked me a question and I, basically, just answered it as honestly as I could," Aniston said in a taped interview Thursday. "I don't go there. It's a 100 years old."

Aniston was appreciative to have such a fan following interested in her life and said she's been "unbelievably lucky with love."

Sun-Times columnist Bill Zwecker wrote today in his column that Pitt complained to Aniston about publicly reopening old wounds from breakup and romance with Jolie.

"[Brad has] done some amazing things in the last couple years," Aniston said.

The former Friends actress also denied rumors that she's pregnant.

Oprah Winfrey to Sarah Palin: Come on my show

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Months after Oprah Winfrey took heat for not bowing to pressure to have then Republican Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin on her show, an invitation has been extended.

A show spokeswoman confirmed Friday that Palin has been invited to appear on the show now that the election is over.

Conservative groups and bloggers took issue with Winfrey after a series of articles -- first appearing on the Drudge Report -- chastised her and called her "bias" for not inviting Palin on her show.

"I declared back in May I was not going to use my show as a platform," Winfrey said.

I spoke out as a private citizen for the candidate of my choice, she added, echoing comments she said in a statement at the time.

Oprah Winfrey, human hankie reunited on show

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The man known around the world as Oprah Winfrey's human hankie during the election night rally for Barack Obama got five more minutes of fame Friday, appearing at a live taping of her show in Chicago.

Winfrey gave thanks to Sam Perry, who up until yesterday was known only as the mystery man Winfrey leaned on, crying, during the victory bash in Grant Park.

Today, Winfrey and Perry shared a brief hug as she apologized for not asking his name during the rally.

"What a night to share. This is the jacket, and you'll see there's no mascara [on it]." Perry said. "My cell phone right from the very beginning was vibrating from calls. People were staked out at my house yesterday as well."

A former reporter with Reuters and UPI, Perry is a Harvard graduate with a passion for hockey, photography and soccer. He is also fluent in Swedish and has studied Russian and Latin.

"I get home [Tuesday] and there are all these e-mails saying to me saying, 'Who's the guy whose shoulder you were leaning on?' " Winfrey said. "We were packed so closely you couldn't move. If I had had my hands down, I would have been in this guy's butt."

Winfrey said she saw the picture of the two in the newspaper the next day, but at the time hadn't even see his face.

"If I had to identify him in a lineup I couldn't," Winfrey said. "At first I did say to him if I could lean into his shoulder."

Winfrey went on TV on Wednesday thanking Perry, who she dubbed "Mr. Man" for giving her a shoulder to cry on. That sent the media into a frenzied search -- with CNN, the Associated Press and the Chicago Sun-Times looking to find the mystery man's identity. broke the news Thursday that Perry, a consultant living in northern California, was the guy grooving to Stevie Wonder with the TV superstar before Winfrey broke down in tears on his shoulder.

A panel of co-hosts on today's show poked fun at the moment, saying Winfrey wasn't just leaning on Perry but was draped all over him.

"Can you image this guy? He's watching Obama and all of a sudden he turns around and it's Oprah," joked actor Mark Consuelos.

Appearing via satellite on today's "The Oprah Winfrey" show, comedian actress Tina Fey said she's "packing up her wig" and retiring her portrayal of Alaska governor Sarah Palin.

"I'm going to retire. ... I am really happy I did it," Fey said. "It was this wonderful chance to go home again and be with my friends at 'Saturday Night Live.'"

Fey, who crossed paths with Palin when she appeared on the show last month, said Palin was a good sport about the impersonation.

Fey appeared today on Winfrey's show -- the same day the talk show host will make her debut on the popular NBC hit "30 Rock," which stars Fey.

"I was in Denver -- I had just attended the big speech Barack Obama gave -- and the next day was when Sen. John McCain announced Sarah Palin," Winfrey recalled, and then said, "Oh my god, she's Tina Fey!"

Fey and Winfrey taped the "30 Rock" episode, set to air tonight on NBC, the same Saturday that Fey debuted her Palin character on "SNL."

Read Sun-Times Darel Jevens' piece today on Fey here.

Oprah 'unleashed' after history Obama victory

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Mum before the election on her TV show about who she was backing for president, Oprah Winfrey was "unleashed" Wednesday after Barack Obama's monumental win as the first black American president.

"Today the election is over and I'm unleashed!" Winfrey rejoiced on her post-election show.


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