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The return of Paula Abdul? Maybe not

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Paula Abdul walked away from her judging duties on "American Idol" (to be replaced by Ellen DeGeneres, who got into it last night with ol' Simon Cowell), and everyone asked what the heck she'd do next? What could she do?

A rumor was floated this week in the National Enquirer that Abdul had received the personal "go-ahead" from Oprah Winfrey to assemble a pilot chat show of her own on OWN, Oprah's forthcoming cable network. She was allegedly going to have celebs on the show "telling inspirational stories."

But that's not true, according to Harpo reps, who told "Access Hollywood" that there is "no truth to the rumor." Even Abdul's own PR person couldn't confirm it.

So we're back to the original rumors: that she'll follow Simon as a judge to his new U.S. talent show, "The X Factor," set to launch in fall 2011.

When pressed about the rumors on a radio show, she said, "Drop a clue? Oh, I'm gonna be going back to my roots and doing a TV show that has something to do with my roots."

OWN shows announced, including reality Oprah

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Leave it to the synergy genius of Oprah & Co. to find a way for the daytime talk queen to be in two places at once.

Oprah's new cable network debuts next January. But her daytime talk show will run through September 2011, and her talk show contract forbids her to appear in another talk show on the cable network until the original gig ends. So does that mean we won't see Oprah on the Oprah Winfrey Network for its first nine months?

Of course not. In fact, not only will she be the promotional face of OWN as it launches, but the New York Times reports today that one of OWN's first shows will be a reality show ... about the end of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

"Behind the Scenes: Oprah's 25th Season" will begin airing on OWN when the network starts in January.

Says the NYT:

Christina Norman, the chief executive of OWN, said in a telephone interview that "Behind the Scenes" was, "the thing that everybody wants to see, in some ways: How does it get made? What happens when it goes wrong and what happens when it goes right?"
She said the producers would compile the weekly episodes as quickly as possible. Ms. Winfrey will share her memories about her talk show in "Behind the Scenes."

Four other OWN shows are being announced today:

  • "Kid-napped," in which children rescue allegedly workaholic parents

  • "Miracle Detectives," in which spiritual skeptics investigate such matters with believers

  • "Sentenced," which chronicles a women's prison in Indiana

  • "Search," in which a woman finds long-lost family members

In other news, Oprah's favorite interior designer, Chicago's Nate Berkus, is indeed getting his own show -- but not on OWN. "The Nate Berkus Show" will launch in the fall in syndication through NBC.


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