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Oprah Winfrey isn't going anywhere just yet -- and might stick around daytime TV even after her contract is up in 2011.

Winfrey told Extra last night at a fundraiser for Essence Magazine's Susan Taylor that she'll definitely be fulfilling her contract, and hinted at the prospect of a new one.

"I'm a girl that keeps her word. I have a contract till 2011, so right now that's what I have until someone writes me another one....I'm going to fulfill my contractual obligations and fulfill them happily."

Rumors speculated last month whether Winfrey might be leaving daytime TV after Discovery CEO David Zaslav -- who is helping launch the "Oprah Winfrey Network" -- made remarks that Winfrey might bring her show to the new cable channel in the future.

"The expectation is that after [2011], her show will go off of ABC in syndication and she will come to OWN."

A Harpo spokeswoman at the time made clear that no decision about the show has been made at the time.

"While David Zaslav's comments are true that Oprah's current contract to produce 'The Oprah Winfrey Show' will expire in 2011, she has not made a final decision as to whether she will continue her show in syndication beyond that," said Lisa Halliday.

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