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More details on Oprah's de-clutter auction

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A new press release about O's Great Closet Cleanout (benefiting The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa), starting March 1, mentions one other item on the block:

Oprah is parting with everything from a Barry Kiesselstein-Cord handbag to a jacket she wore as part of the Chicago delegation for the 2016 Olympic bid in Copenhagen. Through the cleaning, Oprah developed a new perspective on her own style. "In the past, I've gotten talked into a lot of trends," she says. "But I don't have to be on anyone's best-dressed list. I'm really just trying to become more of myself."


The closet cleanout caused some anxiety for Oprah, who reflects on a time when things weren't so easy. "There was a time when I had to budget for clothes, and I still do so subconsciously," she says. "Early in my career, when I was an anchor-woman, I had a beige suit, a navy suit, and a black suit. Period. And I would just interchange them. Even now, wasting money on clothes makes me crazy."

A sneak preview of the items included in the Great Closet Cleanout is in the March issue of O magazine on newsstands now:

March 2010 Cover.jpg

You get some pumps! And you get a handbag!

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Oprah is giving you the clothes off her back. And feet. And arms ...

She's cleaned out her closet (no, that's not what we mean) and is putting 150 items up for sale on eBay.

The New York Post reports the auction begins March 1 and will include some red suede peep-toe Prada heels (she's a size 9), Jimmy Choo pumps, Prada boots (she wore once btu says they "killed" her feet), a purple Carolina Herrera dress (size 14), a Bottega Veneta bag, a quilted Chanel bag and more.

The auction begins online March 1. Proceeds benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.

Oprah does this from time to time, sometimes online, sometimes at the Chicago shop.

Do you have a golden ticket?

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The search is on for Oprah's "golden ticket."

Taking a page from that great marketer Willy Wonka, Oprah is placing golden tickets in the February edition of her O magazine. Unlike Wonka's trick, every issue will contain a ticket -- but not every ticket is the winner. To find out if your ticket is one of 10 sweepstakes winners, you'll have to log on to (Rules here.)

The prize? An expenses-paid trip to Oprah's "Live Your Best Life Weekend," May 7-9 in New York. The self-help hootenanny features sit-downs with familiar Oprah gurus, from financial wizard Suze Orman to stylist Nate Berkus, plus an evenin with Oprah herself at Radio City Music Hall. (Tickets to these events for the non-golden rest of us go on sale in March.)

It's all part of the celebration of the magazine's 10th anniversary. 10 years? O my!

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