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Do you have a golden ticket?

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The search is on for Oprah's "golden ticket."

Taking a page from that great marketer Willy Wonka, Oprah is placing golden tickets in the February edition of her O magazine. Unlike Wonka's trick, every issue will contain a ticket -- but not every ticket is the winner. To find out if your ticket is one of 10 sweepstakes winners, you'll have to log on to Oprah.com. (Rules here.)

The prize? An expenses-paid trip to Oprah's "Live Your Best Life Weekend," May 7-9 in New York. The self-help hootenanny features sit-downs with familiar Oprah gurus, from financial wizard Suze Orman to stylist Nate Berkus, plus an evenin with Oprah herself at Radio City Music Hall. (Tickets to these events for the non-golden rest of us go on sale in March.)

It's all part of the celebration of the magazine's 10th anniversary. 10 years? O my!

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