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Oprah honored by PETA

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Her dog Sophie died earlier this year, and then Oprah dedicated a show to spotlighting the cruelty of puppy mills. The show was "for anybody anywhere who loves a dog, has ever loved a dog, or just cares about their basic right to humane treatment."

Now the organization that fights for that humane treatment of animals has named Oprah its Person of the Year!

Oprah: I'm not moving to D.C.

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We thought it sounded a bit much -- Oprah looking to buy a multi-million-dollar mansion in the D.C. area just for the inauguration, or to somehow be closer to President Obama. Sure enough, Oprah's representatives are calling b.s. on the rumor, telling there's no truth to it at all.

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Mark Bieganski is an online content guru for the Chicago Sun-Times and He follows the Oprah phenom like it's a religion. He's been to the show three times as an audience member (he'll make the show as a guest someday) and has had the Oprah show on season pass ever since getting a Tivo two years ago.


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