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Talk show maven Oprah Winfrey was among one of the estimated 1 million people who took part in early voting in Illinois.

Winfrey cast her early ballot Thursday, waiting in line for over an hour.

The talk show queen didn't admit who she voted for, but it's no secret Winfrey has been a strong backer of local Barack Obama, even stumping with him on the campaign trail.

"'I know who she's voting for, I'm voting for the same guy,'" Winfrey remarked one woman said when she arrived at the Polling Place.

Winfrey -- who voted for the first time using touch-screen technology -- described the experience as "emotional."

"I understand wanting to wait until Tuesday because it's gonna feel like a big party," Winfrey said.

Winfrey -- who decided to take part in early voting because she is taping shows Tuesday and was afraid she'd get stuck at the polls -- did a little dance as a group of polling workers called her name at once when it was her turn to vote.

Berman talks sex with Oprah Winfrey next Monday

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Sun-Times columnist Dr. Laura Berman talks sex with Oprah Winfrey during Monday's show when she stops by to chat about her new book.

"Real Sex for Real Women: A Complete Guide to Intimacy, Pleasure and Sexual Wellbeing," is Berman's fourth book on finding sex and intimacy at any age.

Berman is a leading expert on sex, from making time to have it to communication differences, sexual dysfunction and self esteem.

Click here to read Berman's columns in the Sun-Times or here to listen to her podcasts.

A Louisiana man has filed a lawsuit against Oprah Winfrey, claiming she and an attorney made false statements that led the FBI to arrest him on charges that he tried to extort the talk-show host.

Keifer Bonvillain, who had the charges dismissed, seeks damages of $180 million from Winfrey, her attorney and the FBI in the federal lawsuit filed Tuesday.

Winfrey may produce Obama primetime advertisement

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Oprah Winfrey has offered to produce the half-hour advertisement Barack Obama will air Oct. 29 on primetime television, according to reports.

"She's been begging Obama to let her help," a source told the Drudge Report in an exclusive story.

According to Drudge, the Obama campaign denies that Winfrey will be involved in the ad being produced.

The Drudge source says Winfrey has even offered studio space for Obama to use.

CBS, NBC and FOX will air the advertisement.


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