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Oprah Winfrey's medical genius -- who both wows and grosses you out at the same time with his spin on the human body and health -- has landed at the Sun-Times.

Starting today, catch a weekly column and podcast from Dr. Oz appearing in the Sun-Times and online at

Oz pairs with Dr. Michael Roizen to write the weekly piece about wellness and quality of life. The best-selling authors of YOU: On a Diet and YOU: The Owner's Manual break down complicated concepts to Biology 101.

"People think through metaphors, so we try to explain good health through analogies and tools that allow it to become alive and interesting for the average reader, listener and viewer," Dr. Oz. told the Sun-Times. "We keep it authentic and we speak from the heart."

Check out Paige Wiser's intro piece here >>

Read Dr. Oz's first column in the Sun-Times: Breast implant needs quick fix >>

Download Dr. Oz's podcast >>

No baby for Mariah Carey, Oprah Winfrey says

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Oprah Winfrey has put the Mariah Carey pregnancy rumors to rest -- for now. There's no baby for Carey, Winfrey said on her show Friday.

Internet rumors were buzzing that Carey would be making a surprise appearance on the show's "Hot Topics" episode today. However, a Harpo rep confirmed here Wednesday that Carey wouldn't make an appearance.

Winfrey says she called Carey about the rumors, and they're absolutely not true.

Oprah Winfrey spoke briefly during a live broadcast of her talk show Friday about her decision not to interview Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin while the election was going on.

It's the first time Winfrey has acknowledged the manufactured controversy on her show.

"I declared back in May I was not going to use my show as a platform," Winfrey said.

I spoke out as a private citizen for the candidate of my choice, she added, echoing comments she said in a statement weeks back.

Winfrey said it was suggested Michelle Obama -- wife of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama -- appear on her show following Michelle's speech at the Democratic National Convention. However, Winfrey said no for the same reason she was not using the show as a platform for any of the candidates.

Winfrey has openly supported and campaigned for Barack Obama, but has never made that support known during episodes of her show.

More on the controversy here and why it's a non-issue.


Oprah Winfrey's getting animated -- again.

Disney announced Wednesday that Winfrey has been cast in the upcoming Pixar film "The Princess and the Frog" -- set to hit the big screen late 2009.

Winfrey will play Eudora, the mother of main character Princess Tiana, who'll be voiced by Anika Noni Rose.

Winfrey's stint isn't her fantasy first. She played Gussy the Goose in "Charlott's Web" and Judge Bumbleton in "Bee Movie."


Despite Internet rumors claiming pop diva Mariah Carey might weigh in during Friday's show that she's pregnant, a show spokeswoman says it's not happening.

According to the Harpo rep, there are no scheduled plans to have Carey on the show and no plans to have her on the show in the immediate future.

Carey's reps have denied she's pregnant -- a rumor that's been a buzz since her marriage to R&B star Nick Cannon.

Winfrey is broadcasting her Friday shows live from Chicago this season to talk about hot topic issues and other water cooler stories.

Stay tuned to tomorrow's show.

Chat live tonight with champ mom Jenny McCarthy

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Chat live tonight at with Jenny McCarthy -- the former MTV star and Chicago native turned mother and activist.

McCarthy appeared on today's "Oprah Winfrey Show" to highlight warrior moms. McCarthy will chat tonight with readers on parenting tips and being a champion mother.

McCarthy -- whose son is autistic -- has become an advocate for the issue and is author of Louder than Words: A Mother's Journey in Healing Autism .

Oprah Winfrey opens 60th Primetime Emmy Awards

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The queen of daytime television crossed over into primetime Sunday night -- opening the 60th annual Primetime Emmy Awards.

Winfrey -- acknowledging the power of television in a stunning floor-length red dress -- even poked fun at its influence, saying television even can convince people to buy books. Transcript after the click.


Meet Oprah Winfrey's new best friend: Tina Fey. NBC has confirmed Winfrey last Saturday taped an upcoming episode of "30 Rock" to air Nov. 6.

"Oprah is very funny in the episode, and we are beyond grateful to have her. Also, I would like to announce that we are officially best friends," Fey said.

You might remember Fey launched a campaign in March, saying it was her goal to become Winfrey's new best friend.

The two spoke about a possible appearance on the NBC comedy when Fey appeared on Winfrey's show in April while promoting the movie "Baby Mama" with Saturday Night Live co-hort Amy Poehler.

Winfrey pal Jennifer Aniston, who's also guest starring this season on "30 Rock", confirmed the appearance weeks ago that Winfrey would be making an appearance as herself.

Click for the official word from NBC and reaction from Winfrey pal Gayle King on Thomas Conner's TV blog for the Sun-Times.


Oprah Winfrey announced her latest book club pick on Friday's show -- David Wroblewski's "The Story of Edgar Sawtelle."

Click here to read the Sun-Times' June review of the novel >>

The 500-page novel is about the story of a mute boy who communicates best with his dogs. Wroblewski grew up in Wisconsin and now lives near Denver with his partner.

More on the novel here >>
Meet the author >>
Get the reader's guide to the book here >>
Chat with others as you read along >>

More on Books editor Teresa Budasi's blog>>

091508oprah.JPG Chances are they're sitting next you in church. They live next door to you. They're professional manipulators.

They're Internet child predators. And they're a bigger problem than Oprah Winfrey and you probably ever imagined.

Winfrey pleaded Monday with America to take a stand against child pornography and predators -- an issue that's exploded far more than most of us ever could have imagined.

It's an issue many of those who haven't been affected by it don't realize is there or how big it's become. You know it's happening somewhere, but not to what extent.


Add another notch to Oprah Winfrey's list of humanitarian achievements.

In a feature by Parade magazine ranking the most generous celebs, Winfrey came in first, donating a hefty $50.2 million to various charities last year alone.

Among the list of contributions was to Oprah's Angel Network, which helps to create programs for women and children around the world. Click here to find out more on how you can help.

The list was compiled by The Giving Back Fund from public records of donations during 2007.

Rounding out the top 10 were:

1. Oprah Winfrey
2. Herb Alpert
3. Barbra Streisand
4. Paul Newman
5. Mel Gibson
6. Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt
7. (tie) Lance Armstrong
7. (tie) Michael Jordan
7. (tie) Eric Lindros
10. Rush Limbaugh


Forewarned is forearmed: I'm a fan of Oprah Winfrey's. If I wasn't, I wouldn't blog about her. I wouldn't watch her show every day and I wouldn't hold her to a certain respect for whats she's accomplished for herself, and more importantly, others.

That said, call me biased all you want after reading this, but just because I have respect for Winfrey, doesn't cloud my judgment when it comes to the Oprah/Sarah Palin flap that's been brewing since last week.


Oprah Winfrey will announce her latest book club pick next Friday -- Sept. 19 -- the first since the last selection of Eckhart Tolle's "A New Earth."

Winfrey sent an e-mail to book club readers about the new pick saying, "Once you start it, you won't want to put it down! Until then, it's a great time to reflect on the lessons you've learned from "A New Earth" -- and how you'll continue to apply them to your everyday life."

Tolle's book has sold millions of copies and is believed to be Winfrey's most popular pick.


NEW: My take on the Oprah/Palin flap

A group of Republican women from Florida is boycotting Oprah Winfrey and her TV show because Winfrey won't have GOP veep contender Sarah Palin on her show until after the elections are over.

Winfrey hosted Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama twice on her show in the past -- in January 2005 and October 2006 -- but that was before he threw his name in the ring to run for president.

opraholy.JPGHarpo photo by George Burns

Oprah welcomes 175 U.S. athletes to Chicago for Olympic pep rally
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• Oprah Winfrey rallies for Chicago to host 2016 Olympics with tribute and welcome home to U.S. athletes

• Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley -- with wife Maggie -- attends his first Oprah show

• "American Idol" winner David Cook's serenaded U.S. Olympic athletes with his "The Time of My Life" song

Oprah Winfrey kicked off a new season of her daytime talkshow Monday in true Olympic form -- showing after more than two decades on television, she's still at the top of her game and remains a natural at what she does.

During last month's Olympic hoopla, I figured it'd be a given to see superstar swimmer Micheal Phelps cross Winfrey's stage this season. Winfrey did just that -- and trumped it -- flying in over 175 U.S. Olympic athletes to take stage at Millenium Park in what was Chicago's biggest pep rally to date to lure the 2016 games to Chicago and pay tribute to this year's athletes.

Oprah to guest star on '30 Rock'

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Tina Fey might not have won Oprah Winfrey as her best friend just yet -- but she's well on track to doing so.

Earlier this year, we told you about Fey's desire to become Oprah's sidekick and to have her guest star on the NBC hit "30 Rock."

Now it looks like Fey has gotten part of her wish.

Reports confirm that Oprah is slated to appear on a November episode of the comedy and will play herself. Winfrey pal Jennifer Aniston will also guest star early in the season. Aniston also confirmed to reporters over the weekend at the Toronto Film Festival that Winfrey would drop by and make an appearance on the show.

Persistence definitely pays off!

New season of Oprah, new season of the 'O' blog

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She's back, and so are we. Catch the debut of the 23rd season of "The Oprah Winfrey Show" Monday, Sept. 8 -- and we're back blogging all things Oprah as the new season debuts!

MINNEAPOLIS -- While I'm in St. Paul covering the Republican National Convention, thousands of spectators cheered over 150 Olympic athletes -- such as Michael Phelps, Dara Torres and Kobe Bryant -- on Wednesday for the season premiere for ''The Oprah Winfrey Show'' in Millenium Park. The show will air Monday, Sept. 8.

Click here to read Sun-Times' Andrew Herman's story on the homecoming >>

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