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Barack Obama supporter Oprah Winfrey will be there when he accepts the nomination later this month in Denver, Colo., a Harpo rep confirmed this afternoon.

Oprah pal Gayle King told Entertainment Tonight that Winfrey will be there during Obama's acceptance, however, there are no plans for her to take the stage at the acceptance speech.

To find out who is speaking at the convention and for the latest updates, visit Sun-Times Washington Bureau Chief Lynn Sweet's blog for details.

A representative from Harpo said earlier reports about Winfrey renting a $50,000 house during the week of the Democratic National Convention in Denver are "untrue."

"Oprah has not been asked to introduce him, is not expecting to be asked to introduce him and I would doubt that she would want to introduce him. She thinks this is HIS moment. I know that she is planning to be there," she told ET.

King will broadcast her Oprah and Friends XM Radio show from the convention starting Aug. 25.


Consumers are cutting back in every pocket of the economy -- even when it comes to buying magazines.

Overall sales of some of the most popular magazines -- including "O" magazine -- are down 6.3 percent, according to new figures released by the Audit Bureau of Circulations.

Newsstand sales of In Touch and Life & Style were hit the hardest, with sale plummeting almost 30 percent.

Single-copy sales of "O" magazine are down 17 percent and paid subscriptions are down 1.7 percent.

People (with sales up 5.2 percent) and OK! (with sales up 19.4 percent) are two of the only mags fighting against the declining trend.


Surprise, surprise: A new study by two leading academics says Oprah Winfrey's star power helped presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama win the primary race.

That's no surprise, given Winfrey's following and the fact she's never put her backing behind a candidate before. But, the new study pinpoints just how many people -- 1,015,519 -- were swayed by the Oprah/Obama team-up.

Craig Garthwaite and Tim Moore developed numerical formulas to calibrate the total, based on Oprah's book sales, ratings and voter turnout, reports the New York Post.

Oprah to open the Emmys

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Will TV queen Oprah Winfrey make an appearance at this year's Emmy awards? Yes, says E! Online and celeb site TelaTale.

Winfrey if rumored to be opening the star-studded gala (though it's unclear what role she'll play), with other rumored presenters to include Ryan Seacreast (where's isn't Ryan?), Jeff Probst and the always beautiful Heidi Klum.

"O" took herself out of Emmy running 1999 after sweeping the talk show host and talk show categories.

Stay tuned.

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Mark Bieganski is an online content guru for the Chicago Sun-Times and He follows the Oprah phenom like it's a religion. He's been to the show three times as an audience member (he'll make the show as a guest someday) and has had the Oprah show on season pass ever since getting a Tivo two years ago.


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