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We at the Sun-Times have been overawed by our colleague Roger Ebert's persistence and determination amid his struggle with cancer-related health setbacks. As writers and editors, we've been inspired by the fact that -- following a battle with thyroid cancer that took his lower jaw -- he has lost his voice but not his voice. He keeps writing, he keeps thumbing up and down, he keeps on.

On March 2, Ebert will speak for the first time in four years on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

Using a remarkable new computer technology, Ebert will chat with Oprah about his Oscar picks for this year. Oprah and her cameras will also follow Ebert and his wife, Chaz, for a day, exploring his life and wining up with a chat in Oprah's studio. Other Oscar-related segments are planned for the "Pre-Oscar Special," including visits with Morgan Freeman and Colin Firth.

A recent Esquire story chronicles Ebert's recent journey, and Ebert himself discusses it here.

Visit Ebert's site for the latest movie reviews and his active, eloquent and wide-ranging blog.

Plus, here's an interview with Dr. Matthew Aylett, chief technical Officer of CereProc, who developed the technology that now allows Ebert to speak ...


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