Oprah's house the place to watch the Emmys

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Seems as if Jay Leno has made tentative plans to catch the Emmy Awards at Oprah Winfrey's house, after not receiving an award last week.

While Conan O'Brien got the very-public boot from 'The Tonight Show,' his short tenure as host got him a nomination as best variety, music or comedy series, while resurrected Leno was snubbed in the category.

David Letterman's 'Late Show' also was missing from the nominees, after a season in which the host turned an admission of affairs with female staffers and a blackmail attempt into high broadcast drama.

"I guess Dave and I will be watching the Emmys at Oprah's house this year," Leno said, a reference to their Super Bowl commercial, according to USA Today.


Click here to look at the top nominated shows.

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One more nail in Leno's unfunny coffin.

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