You get some pumps! And you get a handbag!

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Oprah is giving you the clothes off her back. And feet. And arms ...

She's cleaned out her closet (no, that's not what we mean) and is putting 150 items up for sale on eBay.

The New York Post reports the auction begins March 1 and will include some red suede peep-toe Prada heels (she's a size 9), Jimmy Choo pumps, Prada boots (she wore once btu says they "killed" her feet), a purple Carolina Herrera dress (size 14), a Bottega Veneta bag, a quilted Chanel bag and more.

The auction begins online March 1. Proceeds benefit the Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa.

Oprah does this from time to time, sometimes online, sometimes at the Chicago shop.

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Oprah, if you want to get blown away, read the book "When it rains, it Fn pours". by Mirian. It's about a Hispanic woman in the ghetto. Disabled, homeless, and a vitim of domestic violence. Makes it out of the ghetto. Truly a powerful and inspirational story.

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