Not everyone gets redemption through Oprah

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It's probably an entire chapter in public relations textbooks now: when the damage control is really big and really bad, get your client on Oprah. In the celebrity world, it's secular baptism: Through her, all will be redeemed. The most recent example: Jay Leno.

John Mayer -- author of the song (no kidding) "My Stupid Mouth" -- reportedly has tried to follow suit. After his absurd comments in a Playboy interview were revealed last week -- he uses the N-word, then refers to his penis as "a white supremacist" -- he can't seem to apologize enough. So pull out that textbook: Oprah, yes! We'll go on Oprah's show! All will be redeemed ...

But maybe not. Oprah allegedly denied the beleaguered pop star access to her couch.

An unidentified source told this week: "Oprah is the smartest person on TV and will not let John use her or her show to ask for forgiveness. If John really wants to apologize for his racist and sexist comments, he should find somewhere else. The only way Oprah, who is a dear friend of Jennifer Aniston, would ever book him is if John were interested in having a much deeper conversation about race, women and fame."

Reps at Harpo told there was no truth to the PopEater report.

A pro and con debate is already underway at

Mayer's been on Oprah's show before, back in '06, discussing how he admires singers who possess "a sense of control" and then adding that "success validates any of the stupid decisions you make in your life" ...

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