More details on Oprah's de-clutter auction

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A new press release about O's Great Closet Cleanout (benefiting The Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy in South Africa), starting March 1, mentions one other item on the block:

Oprah is parting with everything from a Barry Kiesselstein-Cord handbag to a jacket she wore as part of the Chicago delegation for the 2016 Olympic bid in Copenhagen. Through the cleaning, Oprah developed a new perspective on her own style. "In the past, I've gotten talked into a lot of trends," she says. "But I don't have to be on anyone's best-dressed list. I'm really just trying to become more of myself."


The closet cleanout caused some anxiety for Oprah, who reflects on a time when things weren't so easy. "There was a time when I had to budget for clothes, and I still do so subconsciously," she says. "Early in my career, when I was an anchor-woman, I had a beige suit, a navy suit, and a black suit. Period. And I would just interchange them. Even now, wasting money on clothes makes me crazy."

A sneak preview of the items included in the Great Closet Cleanout is in the March issue of O magazine on newsstands now:

March 2010 Cover.jpg

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Glad to see that she is doing that. Most celebs keep all their stuff and it finally gets auctioned off after they're dead anyway. After all it's just things. So what if another wears your shoes, bags, dress, etc...we can't take it with us. Anyway Oprah has more money than most and can buy anything she wants anyway. Plus earnings go to a good cause.

I can't wait to participate in this auction to support your school. Please let me know when it starts and how to bid!! many thanks and congrats for all you do to make this a better world!!

I would like to know how to get your clothes and shoes.SIZE 12 AND 14 CLOTHES SHOES SIZE 9 OR 10

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