Jessica Simpson on Oprah ... talking John Mayer?

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Girls gotta stick together. While John Mayer apparently won't get to apologize via Oprah for his much ballyhooed verbal diarrhea, but Jessica Simpson will soon be a guest on O's show.

No confirmation yet of when Simpson will be on the show -- though you can bet it'll be prior to the March 14 premiere of her new reality show on VH1, "The Price of Beauty" -- but there's already scuttlebutt that she'll be addressing Mayer's remarks, several of which were about her (he said she's "sexual napalm"; she later upbraided him).

"I have no idea what questions [Oprah] will ask," a Harpo rep told MSNBC.

"Knowing Oprah, I'm sure she'll ask Jessica her thoughts about John or her response to him," an insider told Life and Style. "It's up to Jessica how she'll respond. She's remaining tight-lipped on it at the moment."

In other Jessica Simpson news ...

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