A sweet deal on Oprah's set

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Oprah next week will be auctioning off items from her closet. But forget that -- I wanna see the auction of pieces from today's set!

The entire set of her talk show today was edible -- and made of chocolate. Chocolate seats, chocolate tables, a chocolate chess set, a chocolate grandfather clock, chocolate wall coverings, chocolate flowers in a chocolate vase ... on and on. The set, created by Larry Abel, even includes a chocolate fireplace. (Warning: Do not light a real fire in there.)

Part promotion, part wow factor, the set was created with nearly 7,000 Godiva chocolate bars and 2,400 Godiva truffles. There's a chandelier made from 1,500 pieces of chocolate.

See more photos of the delectable set here. Plus here's a video on how it was made -- over 1,400 hours!

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It took us 1 year to get tickets for the Oprah show and we traveled from Florida at our expense, so how disappointing to be at a show where we watched a TV for 1 hour and O sat in a chair and made a few comments to her simulcast "celeb", Octomom. She spoke with her audience briefly and told us 3 times how she didn't have to do mundane things like laundry, chores, etc "Because she was rich" Please - Oprah - Get over yourself"!!! Another segment was dropped because she was tired and had done 3 shows that day. Boy were we angry as were many in the audience who had also traveled great distances for this bummer of a show.

so sad she'll put an end to her show :(

Attached you will find a link to an original song and video called OPRAH: Let Love Lead The Way. . . (DRAFT - Awaiting for Permissions) that I would like gave to Oprah. After she views the video and listens to the lyrics I’m quite sure that she would be pleased. Out of respect and professional consideration I have only shared this piece with a few personal friends. And frankly their responses and feedback on it have been sincerely positive. Naturally I am proud of this composition and would love to share it with the world. Therefore I would like to obtain the proper permissions to use the images used in the video in order to be able to publish it on the web (Youtube).

Private link to Video:

Once you go to the link you will find a letter addressed to Oprah that is located on the left side of the screen (where the owner details are located). I have worked on this musical/video piece for many months after hearing about her desire to conclude her show and I surely hope that it is “Actually delivered to and shared with Oprah (herself).”

I appreciate your valuable time and trust that this musical piece will actually be shared with Oprah.


David Bailey

Sweater gills=Oprah's strange and droopy bosom

Hey you get a free cup of soup when you buy that sweater. Looks good on Oprah though. Wow, she must not have gotten the memo.

I am saddened by this. Shame on O. What a total waste of resources, in so every way. Why is is O doing such a massive advertisement for Godiva? Money, money, money. Then what happened to all this chocolate? Was it given to food banks to people who are near diabetic or overweight? This does not seem well thought out.

What's with the sweater gills?

755,000+ hungry, homeless living in America.

1 ironic "philanthropy" link off to the right.

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