Oprah's back, and Adam Lambert's coming soon

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OK, play time over. Oprah's back this week with new shows! (See the widget above for what's scheduled this week.)

PLUS, "American Idol" loser and publicity stunt architect Adam Lambert says he's been invited to come to Chicago and sit on Oprah's couch. Oprah's show doesn't usually confirm upcoming bookings, but Lambert tweeted "Oprah: def true." (Translation: The rumors are true that I will be appearing on 'The Oprah Winfrey Show'!")

Lambert told "Extra": "I'm really excited. I want to meet her. We have the same birthday! She's incredible. What a great leader, communicator, philanthropist. ... I'm really curious what she is going to ask me. Maybe she will dig and make me cry."


And Oprah herself is looking for Lambert fans, posting this notice on her Web site: "Calling ALL Adam Lambert Fans!!! Did you vote for him as many times as you could? Were you holding your breath when the new American Idol was announced, hoping and praying it would be HIM? If you are a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert's, e-mail us now and tell us why you want to be in the audience for this once-in-a-lifetime show."

And, OMG, they have replied in droves.

Lambert, of course, has appeared on Oprah's show once before, via Skype. In the video, he promises that, in case you were wondering, he is "born to be wild," and that he will come to the show to perform live when the album is out. Which it is.

Oprah's site has also put out the same call for Lady Gaga fans (she was just performing here this week). Dare we dream of the two of them on the same show ... and performing a duet?!

And kissing?!

UPDATE: Lambert's appearance will air next Tuesday, and the Lady is on this Friday. Here are some first-look details about Adam's gig.

Lordy, you commenters take this stuff so incredibly seeeeeriously ...

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tsk tsk he could have been great.... im so sad he turned out this way. give me back my many votes!!

I am very excited to see Adam on Oprah's show and I personally hope she does NOT make him cry. He is so incredibly talented, I wish him the best in his career. Thanks to Oprah for having him on her show. Can't wait to hear him perform. Go Adam!

Adam sucks sucks sucks sucks and I don't care if he's gay don't stick a mans face in your crouch on national TV idiot. The homo's cry homophobic try not sticking your whack out life style in everybody face

so Adam is an architect as well? oh wow maybe that's why oprah wants him on the show, she wouldn't want him if he's only a loser right?
btw if you want to see him performing a duet
(or kissing, or whatever), it is probably with susan boyle, who is in the same episode of oprah, gaga is in another ep.

This guy is so creepy...one look at him and I cringe. I guess that passes for talent nowadays.

Wow, do you have something against Adam? Do you even know much about him?

Over 300,000 fans follow Adam Lambert on Twitter any given day. He sent out a tweet for us to help donate what we could to the Haiti Fund and guess what we have responded in droves! Adam Lambert has a huge fan base and texting in $5.00 each will help a great deal. If you don't think he has much influence that donated amount from $5.00 per fan will come out to $15,000,000.00. We follow Adam Lambert because he gives us hope, helps us escape a little and entertains us. We love his music, his style and what he represents. We love that he supports the kids in school whose art programs are being eliminated due to lack of funds. We love that on NYE he did a concert for the fans and to help raise money for the Red Cross. The Red Cross who right now is in Haiti providing relief and care. Our Glam God has a good heart and he cares. He is a good person. We support him and his causes and his influence is far reaching.

Loser? If outselling the "winner" by almost 4-1 constitutes a loser then yes. If having a bigger international buzz than all but one previous American Idol contestant constitutes a loser then yes. If being hailed by the great and the good of the industry as one of the best voices ever constitutes a loser then yes.

Publicity stunt architect? Sorry but when you have Adam's level of talent, stunts are your toys. You don't really need them but they're there if you want to use them, unlike so many of Adam's contemporaries without a fraction of his talent who thrive on the oxygen of controversy ................. oh and of course blog writers seeking hits on their site!

Well at 70 years old I have been through the Elvis phenom, the Beatles phenom, the Ricky Nelson phenom, the Pat Boone, mini phenom and of course the list goes on, John Denver, Frank Sinatra. They cannot compare to the talent of Adam Lambert, vocally, visually, creativity, entertainment. We have been blessed one more time in our lifetime.

Thank You Adam

Nel said:
guys, guys, guys, where's your sense of humour?! i'm the biggest Adam fan ever and this piece is still hilarious to me. mr connor is actually pretty funny. pleeeeease stop all this seriousness when it come to Adam. he has a brilliant sense of humour, why can't some of his fans try it some time?
Nel..I agree. I'm a huge Adam fan. I drove 15 hours this summer to see him and ONLY him on the American Idol tour. I have been to many blogs and replied to many stories from the media on Adam, and one thing I am finding is that some, not all, of his fans can be oversensitive. I myself have defended Adam profusely in forums and blogs where he is blatantly belittled, but I think there is a bit of humour here, especially the "kiss" part, and I don't think the writer of this piece is being overly harsh on Adam, although I don't care for the "publicity stunt architect" reference he's made towards Adam, because Adam is a performer, not just a singer. That "performer" part of him is very alive and that's what makes him so charismatic.

When are you people going to stop calling him "American Idol loser" !!! At least say runner up, or second place. Will you say it when he is a world superstar, which he soon will be !



"....loser and publicity stunt architect...."

Like other posters have noted,biased much? C'mon! First,Adam is in no way a loser. Are Olympic silver medalists called 'losers' for coming in second? I think not! Second,as far as the 'publicity stunt architect' remark,are you not doing what you accuse him of by writing an article with his name attached? Yours,my friend appears to be pre-meditated. His 'stunt'...spontaneous! Difference? Yes!!

And the final straw....'kissing?!'...Give me a break! How old are you?

Note to author(and Idle Idol), "Loser" is definitely not a word that can be applied to this amazingly and multi talented young man. I respect anyone's opinion who does not like his style of singing, don't understand it, but do respect it. But...have you ever looked at or listened to some of the You Tube Videos that individuals have posted, such as Adam singing the most beauitiful version of "Come to Me, Bend to Me" from Brigadoon that I have ever heard, or Adam singing "The Prayer",and there are many others. This young man can do anything musically that he wants to with his voice. And as an added bonus he seems to be incredibly self assured, kind, and giving. I met him in person at a Jingle Ball, and he could not have been nicer to fans...hugging, shaking hands, conversing with us, etc., much to the dismay of the handlers. Love you Adam, YOU ROCK.

People! You need to get a sense of humor. Everyone knows Adam Lambert is not a loser and as far as a publicity stunt architect?....yes he is and that's what gets you noticed. It's a talent not a slam. I love Adam and thank goodness he knows how to stay in the public eye...since that's how you stay on top. I think some of Adam's fans are just too sensitive...wow...get real.

Wow, Thomas - way to put Adam Lambert down. I guess you're not a fan. I am not really sure why you would write an article like this and use labels like "loser" and "publicity stunt architect". Adam is extremely talented, articulate, and engaging. He made ONE error almost 3 months ago - however, he has had numerous flawless performances and interviews before and since. How long is your memory? Give a new performer a break! This article was written with very ugly overtones. I hope you rethink this.

PS. Check the sales records for Adam's CD and Kris's CD.

By all indications and what really counts in the world are sales. Adam has out sold Kris by a wide margin.

Who really cares about the Idol crown. Even Simon has decided to exit left on that seriously awful show. Adam Lambert won hearts even if not illegal votes!

Arkansas had to cheat to make that one happen. If Kris would have had any integrity he would have stepped down after hearing that debacle. I'd hope my children would have done the right thing in that situation.

Where have you been? The rumor is that it's Susan Boyle (bleck) that will be joining Adam on Oprah.

I only WISH it were Lady GaGa because she would be a more appropriate choice.

The O producers made an oops picking Suan here. She and Adam have zero in common! I guess they know nothing about music.

I am happy Adam will be on the show but let's just hope he doesn't have to sing a duet with Susan Boyle. I am happy for her success but that (a duet) would be just too ridiculous for words.

How did this pass the editor's desk, your bias certainly came through, in fact a little resentment. It's been confirmed for days that Adam is to appear on Oprah. Oprah knows a good thing when she see's it. One of the things I love about Adam's amazing talent is his personality, outlookand graciousness.

I am disappointed at the biased tone of this article. It is completely unnecessary, unless a writer is simply trying to provoke readers, which seems to be the case. Regarding the incredibly talented Adam Lambert, I believe he did make an error in judgment with the AMA performance, as what was exhibited would have best been saved for a concert or an MTV type venue. The prestigious slot of closing the AMA show should indeed have been exciting and provocative, sans the blatancy. However, Adam has the potential to be a superstar and I wish him the best.

You mean Adam didn't win American Idol??!!!??? Coulda fooled me. . .

I am disappointed at the biased tone of this article. It is completely necessary, unless a writer is simply trying to provoke readers which seems to be the case. Regarding the incredibly talented Adam Lambert, I believe he did make an error in judgment with the AMA performance, as what was exhibited would have best been saved for a concert or an MTV type venue. The prestigious slot of closing the AMA show should indeed have been exciting and provocative, sans the blatancy. However, Adam has the potential to be a superstar and I wish him the best.

Looking forward to this show and any and all shows that Adam will be on!!!!! WE MISS YOU ADAM!!! Watched him on Fuse last night!!! Great interview!!! Adam, YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

to the Author - You are an ugly and small minded little man.

Well, Im really glad that Adam are be to Oprah Show. She's a great person and more, I really love her for all her humanity and and she have a big big heart.

The person who wrote this article have a little problem, first Adam if he see's Lady Gaga at Oprah or any place, he will kiss her right! But not like you think, jeez Adam are gay and he will ever be gay..You never listen what Adam tell for about much a 6 month...you never listen his own interview on 20/20. You not listen Barbara Walter when she interview Adam and he told her im gay and live with it. Thats it, so please if you dont really take the time to document your article.

Loser?? where has T.Connor been these days? Adam is, by far, a definite winner in all this and you don't have to be a rocket scientist or "writer" to see that. Oprah is a very intelligent person and recognizes great talent when she sees/hears it, trust me. Bravo Adam, I'm sure you'll be your articulate, charming self!

hey thomas, where have you been, adam lambert won the AI and he was not a loser as you mentioned. also,when it comes to publicity, people invite him, he is not a publicity stunt architect, where did you get that idea. if you do not like adam. please don't write about him. so now, who do you think was the right winner adam or kris?

Yesterday I offered a few reasons why "older" women might find Adam attractive. Today I have to say something else...The Adam we've seen so far has been the genuine person. I understand he has now been put on a weight reducing diet and I dread the possibility that his "handlers" will stylize him to death. I don't want to see his every move choreographed and I don't want to see him TV thin - I want to see the REAL Adam. Please tell him to try and maintain as much of his uniqueness as possible. If they control his every everything, he will lose his appeal. He is fresh and real and genuine and fallible and imperfect now - and THAT is also what attracts women, probably of all ages.

I think it's Susan Boyle who's also going to be on Oprah, not Lady GaGa.

Mr. Conner you need to apologize to Adam, plain & simple!

Oprah, I think u must tell that mr. Lambert is the hardest contestant to beat have ever shown in american idol history. He just GREAT! Born to be a STAR! GREAT!!! GREAT!!! In bahasa indonesia, we call it LUAR BIASA! SUPER DUPER TOP BANGET!!!

Oprah, I think u must tell that mr. Lambert is the hardest contestant to beat have ever shown in american idol history. He just GREAT! Born to be a STAR! GREAT!!! GREAT!!! In bahasa indonesia, we call it LUAR BIASA! SUPER DUPER TOP BANGET!!!

FYI:Biological research has shown that prenatal hormone levels can alter masculine and feminine development. There is a critical period in human gestation in which the fetus is particularily sensitive to levels of sex hormones.(Meyer-Bahlberg et al., 1995)Research published in 1991 reported structural differences in the brains of homosexual and heterosexual men. (Salk institute scientist Simon Le Vay-found the anterior hypothatamus, an area of the brain taht influences sexual behavior, was half as large in homosexual men as in heterosexual men.
Short & simple: There are five basic classifications of human sexuality:
1.Heterosexual 100%
2.Heterosexual with incidental attraction to someone of same sex (homophobic?)can make a choice.
3.Bisexual Attracted to both sexes -can make a choice,(when to same sex can be homophobic.& fyi-a big % of males fall into this category, hello)
4. Homosexual with incidental attraction to opposite sex (error to say 'cured' when that happens. 5.Homosexual 100%
This info is for your enlightenment,Thomas, cuz your article appears predjudice, bigoted, homophobic to me. Grow a heart. See you fellow humans as whole people, not just their sexual orientation.
Adam Lambert does not have a mean bone in his body. And he has been dealing with people like you for years. Pretend to be gay for a couple days, Thomas, see if you can be as brave and honest as Adam Lambert.

Adam Lambert, one of the most fascinating people of the year says Barbara Walters- I agree. He is the most exciting, the most outstanding singer/performing artist in decades. He honors his own emotions, lives his truth, is both courageous and vulnerable, an incredibly honest open book and makes no excuses, blames no one,dosen't whine or complain and keeps moving forward. I admire him.I fully understand why all the ladies of The View love and support him and I expect that Oprah will also. Her viewers do, that is why he is scheduled to appear in the first place.Adam is a wonderful person and a magnificent entertainer.He deserved to win American Idol and is an amazing singer - the first words out of the 'winner's' mouth were"Adam deserves this". Look it up, Thomas. And Adam is already far far far more successful than you, so is you call him a loser-what does that put you?

guys, guys, guys, where's your sense of humour?! i'm the biggest Adam fan ever and this piece is still hilarious to me. mr connor is actually pretty funny. pleeeeease stop all this seriousness when it come to Adam. he has a brilliant sense of humour, why can't some of his fans try it some time?

Spare us the definitions, Thomas. We know slanted journalism when we hear it. 'Runner up' might have been more politic, that is if you were disposed to be impartial.

Anyway, you obviously knew you would stir up Adam's fan base, so mission accomplished. Enjoy. I proudly include myself in that fan base. Adam is outrageously talented, and his NYE Concert was...I can't find the superlative. Maybe you can help me out, Thomas, after all, you have such a way with words!

Peace out!

"Thomas": Adam Lambert is runner-up not loser. In fat, he has sold twice the amount of CDs as the 'winner'. Last November, Oprah had her viewers vote for their favorite reality star-Adam Lambert won by such a landslide-she had him on tv by Skype to congratulate him and to ask him to be a guest on her show. Now the show they discussed is about to be aired.
Adam Lambert's incredible multi-octave vocal range and crystal clear vocal tones have been praised by all the american idol judges, mentors, vocal coaches, guest artists and current singers and people throughout the entire recording industry. He has been voted #1Artist of The Year by readers of Rolling Stone Magazine and Teh MTV viewers voted him in third place Man of the Y. Time Magazine gave him #8 th place for that title. He has taken hits from mean-spirited writers (like you Thomas) from all sides simply because they forget he is an articulate, personable, intelligent, kind, fearlessly honest,friendly,attractive, creative,gay man with talent and the love of entertaining the Cosmos/God gave him. Your ignorant judgmental petty mean -spirited and ill-informed article reflects poorly on you. Perhaps when Thomas talks about Adam, we learn all about Thomas

Wow! This writer is such a jerk! As an Adam Lambert fan, I am shocked such rubbish as this article is published. Must be someone young enough to be my kid. But then again, my kid is not this mean!

Adam pushes the envelope. Inovative, Provocative and Free. He is a incredible talent with a vocal range that is extraordinary and expression that can Shock and Awe. I Love it! It's About Time! "Close your eyes and Open your Mind."

Adam is the most talented guy that we have seen in years...and I mean years...i listened to Elvis and he was fabalous and so is Adam....I have always been a music lover of all kinds....but now it is Adam totally and now and then GaGa...I am not gaga over Adam, to old but I do love his music and don't miss any time he is on t.v.

I am giving the writer the benefit of the doubt by thinking that his term "loser", means Adam was not the winner. I'm not ready to jump on him for that, because yes, Adam was not the winner; hence he was the loser. But, we all know that in no way did Adam come away the loser in terms of success and popularity. He is one of the most sought after and popular celebrities right now and his star is rising. I can hardly wait for this very talented, beautiful man to go on tour. I've seen him live once on the American Idol tour and I can honestly say I was blown away by his charisma and talent. He left we wanting more and more. I google his name every day for new info and stories. I love learning about Adam, he is such a breath of fresh air. His CD is great and I've been telling friends about it. Brian May and Roger Taylor of Queen still expressed interest in Adam fronting Queen as recently as November. Brian said Adam's vocals were amazing on Time for Miracles. It's comments like this, from some of the biggest names in the industry, that make me so proud to be a fan of Adam's. I am grateful that he has chosen to share his gift with us. Sometimes I go to YouTube to see his performances and one of my absolute favorites is his performance in the Ten Commandments. It is simply stunning.

The writer just isn't accurate. Adam will be on the same show as Susan Boyle. Why don't you do a little research before writing? Also, Oprah WAS looking...they are done with the search. The taping is on Jan 13. The band will play with Adam and he will do 2 songs. Next time do a thorough google search. Did you get paid for this half-baked article?

Excuse me? Did you just call Adam Lambert an "Idol Loser"? What is up your ass? So, Adam is also a "publicity stunt architect" because he is being written about and appears on shows to promote his CD? Wouldn't that make every single entertainer out there a "publicity stunt architect"? Give me a break. You have mistaken witty with just plain rude. Adam is a star with millions of devoted fans and that is why Oprah is having him on her show because she ain't no dummy!

Hey Thomas Conner srry man your writing is so boring and you need more study before write about other ppl !!! choose your words better next time or no one will respect your opinion cuz from what i read it seem like 5 year old is writing this so called article !! this whole thing is a big fail !!

So you use Adam to draw people to read your crap and then you slam him - nice. You seem to know a little about stunt architect maneuvers yourself.

Yes! I am going to have to go into work early the day Adam is on Oprah - Jan 19 - so I can be home in time to watch him! So excited. Would have loved to be in the audience that day! Way to get lots of comments to your blog, Thomas, being snide about Adam. Guess it worked!

I am so incredibly impressed by Adam Lambert. His rendition of Mad World is a haunting moving experience. I hope to hear a lot more of him!


Bet you thought it was funny to refer to him as loser. Most people would have said 'runner up'. Not a funny guy, really. You just come across as mean and petty. And we don't need Lady Gaga and Adam to kiss, either, thanks anyway.

Never heard of Thomas Conneron so did a quick Google--approx 300 references vs. 14.6 million for Adam; 16 Bings vs. 11.6 million for Adam. Conneron is a nobody and doesn't even deserve negative attention. Shun him.

Hey, author-dude...your nastiness is uncalled for. But it got you some hits on your lame blog, plus some comments too! Bet you are thrilled to bits someone actually read your crappy little blog.

Bet it's the most attention you've gotten in years.

Crooner Miiiiaauuuuu grrrrrrrrr What is it with you and your writing? Do you hate everybody or just Adam Lambert?

It's strange that the author describes Adam as a loser. Would he descibe Susan Boyle that way? She was a runner up,0 and he was too. Actually, Sue Boyle is likely to be on the same show as Adam, not Lady Gaga. I would LOVE to see Adam and Lady Gaga do a duet because they are both so talented, but why would Mr. Conner think they might kiss? She is bisexusl and he is gay. Mr. Conner, do you think that all gay and bisexual people are attracted to all other gay and bisexual people no matter what gender? That makes no sense whatsoever. When I evaluate artists, I think about their music, not what they do in the bedroom. That is certainly none of my business and who cares.

This "loser" is totally outselling the "winner" by practically 2-1 in album sales. I guess losing is the new winning, huh?

Adam came in second place and he accomplished what he set out to do which was to get an audience and recording contract. That makes him a winner in my opinion. Not a loser as you apparently think. As far as your remark about him being a publicity stunt architect. I don't understand your reasoning on that because I have never witnessed it. If you are referring to the AMA performance. I would have to disagree with you once more. Adam put on a performance that matched the lyrics of the song he performed. In my opinion the media blew the whole thing out of proportion because they know that a sensationalized story concerning Adam will bring viewers for their articles. I believe your assessment of Adam to be unfair and done with poor taste.


Watch this video of Adam Lambert. Then tell me that Oprah is not the most attentive person you have ever met?! Oprah sees greatness. Oprah is a visionary and she knows a change is coming.

Did somebody force you to write this article? Why write with such a disgusted tone? You should have passed this assignment to someone who can just write the facts. It's kind of insulting to Oprah since she has invited Adam to come to the show. You're obviously not happy with her decision, but I am, I think he'll be a great guest and Oprah will love him. How unfortunate for you, let's hope you don't write the follow-up.

Good move Oprah.

She knows who's wildly popular to bring on her show. Adam is a great talent with a wonderful character and quite conversational. Those in the audience to see him live are very, very lucky.

But I will enjoy the show from the comfort of my home...and relive the memorable moments watching all the youtube videos that will go up after the show airs.

My comment was cut in half. Maybe the rest of it will show up later. The rest of my comment had to do with the fact that I have been boycotting ABC, but will watch when Adam is on.

Tabloid stuff,yellow journalism.publicity hound all explain this writer,Thomas Conner.

You don't even begin to be accurate or fair to one of the best singers in the last 20 years.
By the way ,how do you keep your job?

Hah, I love the dude, his album's my jam, but I LOLed at the article. Jeez, why is everyone so serious? Adam doesn't even take himself seriously.

*BRB setting my tivo for Adam on Oprah*

it deinitly will be one in a lifetime show with my baby Adam!

luv him

If he's a loser, why was he the one who won the hollywood artist of the year, the teenage choice award, 10 most fascinating people, the sexiest bachelor, #3 MAn of the year by MTV, # 4 in "10 BEST ALBUMS OF 2009" & also Adam again is # 6 in "10 ALBUMS OF THE DECADE", Pet Rock's Man of the Year Award to Adam Lambert, Lambert was selected as one of People's "Sexy & Single Men of 2009" , Adam's "Aftermath" is used in the American Idol 2010 Promo/Commercial
And here is Jackson's statement: To the general question on Lambert, here was Mr. Jacksons response:
Lambert is a giant personality. He is unbelievably talented and the AMA thing is something he wanted to do and try. An artist is really left up to their own ideas of how they want to do things and however and I think hes a big personality. He is far bigger than Kris (Allen). Kris, obviously, won for a reason.

Maybe, you author is refering to Kris Allen as a Big loser. Despite a win in the AI title, nobody agreed except Arkansas and few stupid people like you outside the state.

Wow, tell us how you really feel, Conner. I like the way you don't even pretend to be a real journalist and tell us some news. Just get your digs into Lambert. Obviously, you hear about him so much that you assume he is trying to create publicity, but if you knew anything you would know that people are so very interested in him that everything he does gets reported. Many people cannot wait to read the latest thing about Adam. Unfortunately, many even clicked on this tripe of yours.

Idle Idol - just to set the record straight - as you will see in the upcoming Olympics, someone will 'win' the gold medal, 'win' the silver, even 'win' the bronze. They are all proclaimed heros, not losers. Enough said.

Thomas Corner, who seems to be carrying quite a chip on his shoulder, is wrong on both counts. Adam is not a "loser" and was "officially" 2nd runner-up in a clearly rigged competition last year on Idol (Americans cast the equivalent of less than one third of a vote each when 100 million voted, yet in Arkansas residents "voted" 57 times more often as 2 million residents there supposedly voted some 38 million times.) As for publicity stunts, there hasn't been one. Adam is so facinating that anything he does is instantly "news" to media outlets. Go figure.

Ha ha joem,I thought he won too... Btw, who did win?

Why am I starting to feel like a rainbow trout? I know I'M being baited, but had to stop by to defend Adam anyway. I am very happy that Adam will be on Oprah. I have been boycotting ABC, so it will be nice to come back. I will leave again, however, after Adam goes. I hate how he has been treated by ABC. I think good way to bring viewers back is to give Adam his own show. If he wants it.

Hmmm, different article. I thought winners were people who got the top 4 spot in American Idol? The top 2 are both winners and for years now the top 4 are the ones with the careers afterwards; interchanging who does better 2nd place vs 1st. Adam Lambert did not loose American Idol. But...moving on. I may like Adam Lambert but I love Oprah Winfrey and she is queen. If this singer is really worth his salt Oprah will tell the world and if she gives him her blessing then she can wave her hand and the AMAs will be behind him. Oprah has power and Oprah rules. It appears that Adam Lambert is a huge fan of Oprahs. In fact Lady Gaga better not give Oprah and flack or that "I don't take off my sunglasses for many but I will for you" - as she did to Barbara Walters. Such BS! Who does Lady Gaga think she is? Women like Oprah and Barbara Walters made headlines and paved paths for women like Gaga so she'd better show some respect. Getting back to Adam Lambert...this artist is something else. He is causing a revolution of change. Gay Americans are minorities without the same rights of Straight Americans. Gay artists are banned from being sexual publically (which I never knew) and male artists are not "allowed" to be as sexual as women artists? Who knew? Adam Lambert knew and he just showed and awakened all of us by doing what NO OTHER GAY ARTIST has ever done, heck or straight male artists for that matter. The artist is kicking down doors and although he is saying this is me he is really breaking down barriers. A decade from now the gay movement will need to thank him from making change happen. I think only visionist see just how powerful that one AMA performance was. Perhaps Oprah does. Adam Lambert has stood up for himself. Adam Lambert is true to himself about who he is and what he is about. He hasn't backed down to any of the pressure and I bet that kid was feeling the weight from ABC. So you have to at least admire his guts and inner strength for doing something that hard and doing it with such class and his head held high. He is extraordinary. What a character! His story is one of ugly duckling to rising Glam God and geez all I can think of is Disney needs to do a movie about this artist's life and yes bring out the Gay male dolls cause societal acceptance should change this year and if it does I see this artist as that pivital point where Gay Marriage is approved and passed and done so because of him. Adam Lambert civil rights activist on the sly. Amazing.

Sir: OBVIOUSLY you know NOTHING of which you have written here or you would NOT have written it at all!!! And in so doing you have INSULTED not only ADAM but also OPRAH in her judgement of ADAM as a guest for her show. Therefore, I must rate your article as a "FAIL!"

Why am I starting to feel like a rainbow trout?

"idle idol" so you must be a bigger loose than Adam LOL. You will never achieve what adam has achieved.And that is the fact

The author of this piece, Thomas Conner, is obviously not an example of a fair and unbiased press. Exhibiting his own bias against Lambert, by referring to the very talented singer as a 'loser' and a 'publicity stunt architect' is hardly a veiled cover for Conner's pejorative personal opinion, or destructive personal agenda. His treatment of Oprah is hardly better. In the interest of impartiality, perhaps Conner is motivated less by his jealousy and more by his own feelings of inadequacy. In that case, we can all feel sorry for this petty little man.

loser = not the winner. not a slight, just a fact. despite what all the parenting gurus have beaten into poor kids' brains over the last many years, not everyone is the winner.

Appreciate the information, but your adjectives/descriptions are all wrong!

Although "objective reporting" needs tweaking here, I will "Def." be watching Oprah to see sweetie Lambert on there. Yeah, "Born to be Wild". As in, not a boring "milque toast".

American Idol loser? Since when is coming in 2nd losing? And, you must confuse 'being oneself' with being a 'publicity stunt architect'. Adam is and has always been himself - end of story. He is a natural entertainer with a fabulous voice and doesn't need to orchestrate publicity stunts to get attention. Great picture, by the way, one of the best! Go Adam! He'll be dynamite on Oprah. No need to kiss Lady Gaga - maybe in your dreams.

That link you provided is the link to apply to the show. It's just a link to the dicussion forum where you can ask questions.

GaGa and Lambert on the same show. Now that's what dreams are made of. I guess for now I'll have to see each one separately. I think they are both huge talents. Both quirky, but huge talents. I was getting tired of the same old boring music out there. It's nice to have these two shake things up. I don't think America could take it though if they performed together. Especially middle America or conservative America.

I want to leave the day when ADAM will be on all channels. I can't have enough of this fascinating talent and beautiful personality. All my life I wanted to see an entertainer like Adam and now, when I got SPOILED with him, is so so so so SO HARD to see him singing on TV, so so so so HARD to listen to him on the radio, so so so HARD to organize a concert with Adam........This conspiracy must stop! OPRAH, PLEASE HELP US TO HAVE OUR DAILY DOSE OF ADAM ! Thank you in advance

Calm down MiMi it's just his opinion.

I thought Lambert won Idol.

"LOSER"? "PUBLICITY STUNT ARCHITECT"? How mean!! You got it wrong. You should have said, "Most talented Idol contestant ever in the history of American Idol" in describing the new KING of the music world. A lot of Adam's fans aren't going to like you, Tom. JEALOUS much?

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