Oprah back on top as favorite person on TV

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Oprah is back on top. She has regained her position -- for whatever this might be worth -- as America's favorite TV personality.

In the annual Harris Poll, conducted in December with results released this week, Oprah returns to the No. 1 slot of favorite TV figure. She was at No. 4 last year.

She gets the bump after announcing the end of her daytime talk show next year, when she'll be moving her focus to her own cable network, which just revealed it's new tagline. (And did you hear: Martha Stewart announced today she's moving to cable, too!)

Debuting at No. 2 on the list is Fox News demagogue Glenn Beck.

Last year, Jay Leno was No. 1. This year, he's No. 3. That has little to do with the recent late-night melee, however; the poll was conducted Dec. 7-14, before the Jay vs. Conan debacle at NBC.

The rest of the list:
4. (tie) Ellen Degeneres
4. (tie) Dr. House (Hugh Laurie's character on "House")
6. "Daily Show" host Jon Stewart
7. Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men"
8. Mark Harmon on "NCIS"
9. David Letterman
10. Bill O'Reilly on Fox News

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Its an appropriate title for "she". I read an article on she thinks everybody is out for their 15 minutes of "Fame" "We Live In An American Idol Culture", she stated.
How real, there Miss Winfrey, your so "deep". Anyway I don't live in an American Idol culture, in fact television and reality programming, or should one type, programed rated shows don't rule this life, anybody that needs to turn to Oprah for a problem, obviously can't help themselves, then again if you have real issue, get help, her crew and staff, even lawyer think help in the "real" sense can be found elsewhere, like a government agency. Then again Oprah can use your problems, as she likes to help herself to them. That's how she makes money, Oprah is a problem profiteer.
Oprah's number 1? Or, her guests bring in large numbers of viewers, and then her staff find ways to keep or manipulate those consumers to "keep watching" so Oprah can make mo' money.
Anyway back to Oprah's deep and real attitude. When she made that "American Idol" comment, I realized she had competition, and her ratings were suffering with "Idol's" success, that kind of T.V. hurt costs her money and possibly a job- so she sent Ellen to work the "show". Jay Leno also has a new contract and could be a competitor so Oprah looks for dirt on him and sits real sweetly on air and asks more useless questions.
Anyway Oprah had a problem with "American Idol" culture because people now want to be "famous"- I thought, after posing for the cover of your very OWN maggie every month for years, who would know you want the same thing? Your magazine sales have dropped, so now there's "hope" in that magazine and its a ticket, a golden ticket.
Oprah has no belief in luck, but hope is different. Your so real Oprah and deep, in fact when you show the people who do watch your show how deep and real you are- they believe you.


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