Lady Gaga: OK for Oprah, but not for Indiana

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Lady Gaga canceled a concert Thursday night, claiming illness -- and yet there she was live on Oprah today, looking perfectly fine.

Thursday night's show at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind., was canceled -- after the opening acts had already performed! -- "due to exhaustion and dehydration." Lad Gaga tweeted an explanation later: "An hour before the show I was feeling dizzy and having trouble breathing." The performance has been rescheduled for Jan. 26.

This morning, though, she looked perfectly hydrated and spunky -- with spiky toothpick hair --as she performed a medley of her hits on Oprah's weekly like Friday show. She was even healthy enough to swing a gold, spiked ball on a chain into the windshield of a taxi on the stage.

"I am so devastated," she continued on Twitter, discussing the cancelation. "I have performed with the flu, a cold, strep throat: I would never cancel a show just based on discomfort. I hope you can forgive me. I love my little monsters more than anything, you are everything to me."

It must be difficult to partially lip-sync for a couple of hours, like she did in Chicago last week ...

UPDATE: There's been some debate online and elsewhere about whether Lady Gaga's performance on Oprah this morning was live or pre-taped. (An earlier MTV report here claims the appearance would be pre-taped.) A rep at Harpo this afternoon, however, confirmed to us that the performance was live and occurred today.

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Not bashing anybody down but if you guys are really true fans you would understand. You would understand why it got canceled. She would have performed but the medics and probley her manger told her that they didn't want anything worse happen to her. They probley didn't want her to pass out in stage in front of all her little monsters. So at least most of you understand that shes going to make it up to whoever was planing to go see her concert in Indiana on January 26th. She should make up the one in CT but yeah know. She needs to get some rest so nothing worse happens to her. Shes olny 23 and I am hopeing shes going to be hear for awhile. Love your little monster.
P.S the recording of the oprah show was at least 2 days before hand. She was probley looked tried becuase shes been going and going and going and going and has not stoped yet. Yeah all the haters need to stop bashing on her cuz' her little monsters will come after you. (Dnt take it as a threat take it as a friendly warning)

You guys Are Dumb! The tapeing Of Oprah Was days befor she passed out! At least 2 days! Wow Yeah i agree with you guys, who ever made this story wants to make my gaga look bad.

Your Fans LOVE you back...your fans want you to be well and take care of yourself...PERIOD

It’s so obvious that whoever wrote this was intentionally trying to make Gaga look bad.

So what do you expect her to do, perform until she dies? Obviously health comes before everything else.

Does this writer even know what lip-syncing means? It means matching the lips with the voice of the song, which she did not do at all. She often sings with the record, but she never “lip-syncs.” Have these accusers even seen her live performances? She sings so well there wouldn’t even be a point in lip-syncing. This reporter needs to get his facts straight.

Yes, she was healthy enough to smash a ball with spikes into a windshield. My disabled grandma is healthy enough to do that, but I unfortunately Thomas Conner is probably too big of a [insert cuss-word here] to do that. So yes, smashing a toy gold ball into a slanted platform must appear like quite a tedious task.

For all the journalists making a big deal about her appearance on Oprah, she looked exhausted and out of it. If her managers didn't let her perform that is way beyond her command. Health is health. I'm sure the journalists wouldn't have the nuts to perform as much as she does. Sit in your chairs, drink your coffee and think like a human being...

She looked very pale on Oprah.

There's a big difference between the amount of energy needed to pack a 2-3 hour show, and the amount needed to sit on a comfy chair and talk to Oprah and turn in a short TV performance. Her doctor said "no," so get over it. Besides, she definitely wasn't at the top of her game on Oprah, it was obvious she was under the weather.

And for those saying that she needed to do it because other artists have gone on in worse any of you actually recall seeing what kind of shows those artists put out? Half-assed, kind of dazed, and not good. It'd be one of those situations where if you weren't bitching about a lack of performance, you'd be bitching about the performance that was given being lack-luster. Be disappointed, sure. But stop picking on the woman who did what she needed to do health-wise.

Perez Hilton (GaGa's Bff) posted a preview video of her Performance/interview, hours before she cancelled the show, on thursday, so no, it wasn't live.

The wife and I drove 7 hours from Pittsburgh to see this. We saw one of the opening acts, Jason Derulo, and he was really good. Then it was canceled, and we drove back. The thing was not the gas money, wear on the car, or food and such. It was saying "She needs a rest, she's exhausted" Yet she was on Oprah the next day. So perhaps she wanted the more publicity that Oprah would give her. The thing is rescheduled. But worth it to drive another 1,000 miles total on top of last week? Still trying to decide on that one. If that one isn't canceled like last time... like Atlantic city. But it's cool, I'll get 35.00 admission back. Pretty much our fault we decided to try to even see her at all. If she needs rest, don't go on Oprah, I believe it that she's exhausted. Yet she did go to Chicago. We'll see. I wish I could say it was worth it to drive 1000 miles. Will it be worth it to (Possibly) drive 2000?

Myself and 3 work friends from around the country were in Indy for business. Drove up to Lafayette and then concert canceled. Can't go to 26th show -- nor get $$ back. Would have been fine if 1) she did not peform on Oprah or 2) would have at least mentioned it. She was all about her "little monsters" -- so fake. She was all about Oprah. What a fake!!!

When I cancel my shows I do it mid concert!

I saw her and heard her live with my own eyes and ears as well, Joe. And Youtube proves that she's actually singing even better than seeing her live does, because it's a very close up view. You think she is lip syncing here? Really?

damn, didn't you see her face on the oprah show, she looked totally broken. You suck.

Actually Joe, she doesn't lipsync. The backup vocals are her own voice so it might appear like she's lipsyncing but she's not. You've seen her live, so have I. In fact, I've caught the Monster Ball Tour twice and on both occasions, her vocals were slightly different. You can choose not to believe me because you hate her that much but who really cares what you think right? I'm just here to correct you. She did not lipsync. End.

Joe: I did see her live. It was a great show and it was obvious that she was singing all of it. It was not flawless, she was interacting with the crowd in between singing... And I think that the Youtube videos can also show that she is really singing. Show us one video that proves she is lip syncing. I can show you hundreds that prove that she's not.

Lady Gaga is a human being, not a machine. She is so loyal to her fans, so if her show was canceled then it must have been for a good reason. All of the people who are complaining about it need to put themselves in her shoes. Her show is strenuous and her schedule is is insane. Also if you have seen her show before then you would see that it is dangerous for her to be onstage with all the elements if she were passing out earlier in the day. All of the people who are mad at Lady Gaga for canceling are not true fans, and most likely went to the show just for the status of saying that you saw her in concert, not because you are a fan.

Honestly, the woman has been working herself to death even before she was famous. She's probably worked harder in her career now than many of us in a lifetime. However, I do think she pushed herself too far, she should have given herself a break instead scheduling a performance almost everyday. That would take a toll on anyone. But it was bond to happen sooner or later, I know she expects a lot from herself but she is not a machine. I love Lady GaGa and she is an inspiration to a lot of people in the world!
PS GaGa has never lip synced and never will so drop it. Get over yourselves and realize that the world is not just ruled by men anymore

hey guy's have any of you felt very sick in a matter of a few minutes i beleave everyone has in there life time we are only human, but yes the show was pre-recorded so try to understand this girl was very sick in fact she was in her hotel room sleeping when you people were watching oprah & lady gaga on tv, i bet here show on the 26 will be a very special one so just hang in there and u will see god bless all who went to see her and was turned away it will be better the next show.

She is a has been.

You people defending her are boneheads. Lets be honest, no way she was ill and magically got better for Oprah. She also canceled her next 2 shows (Atlantic City and Oakdale). I don't know how she can be okay for Oprah, yet cancel all the shows around that appearance. Some of you fans have blinders on. Something shady is going on because she has changed venues in other cities a couple of days before the concert dates too.

To and anyone who was complaining: She said she also passed out before the show, & she also tweeted that paramedics told her that her heart rate was irregular. Would you rather have her do the show & possibly pass out on stage? Would that be better? I get that you're upset, but some people seem to be forgetting that she's a human too :\ It's like some others said, there's a huge difference between a few minutes performing on Oprah, and 2 hours at a show. She didn't seem fine to me when she was on Oprah anyway, she looked & sounded tired, especially during the performance. I also read a comment saying she "backed out at the last minute." Well she also tweeted that she begged everyone to let her go onstage, so it doesn't sound like she was willing to back out & It was obviously more serious than just being tired, if she passed out & was having trouble breathing. Put yourself in her place for a second, would YOU want to do a 2 hour show if you were in that condition? I certainly wouldn't.. I think the fact that she still wanted to go onstage, & apologized saying she'd been crying for hours about it was a lot more than most pop stars would have done.

who spell checked this god.

What Orka wants Orka gets, the public be darned.

I don't think people begrudge the fact that she fell suddenly ill like that...those things happen, and even if people are disappointed, the health/safety of everyone involved should always come first. However, I think those people who did go out of their way to come to the concert feel like her appearance (and performance) on Oprah the day after was sort of like a slap in the face, like they were insignificant compared to the "national audience." While I totally understand that there is a huge difference between three songs and a two hour concert, an irregular heart-rate is not something to be taken lightly, even if it's the result of dehydration and exhaustion. In fact, especially in that case, it would be advisable to just cancel everything for a few days to recuperate. As was previously said, she looked really tired on the show, and at the very least, I would have thought she would have chosen just to interview and not perform. Bottom line: She's human and everyone should be happy she's OK, however, I think it would have been better for everyone involved if she had just taken some time off to recover.

Get over it. She's not the first person to ever cancel a show. Her fans are not the first people to ever lose out on some cash from gas expenses, etc from a cancellation. The woman is human.

Sorry Allison I seen it with my own eyes, live not on some You tube video, she does Lip Sync. Sorry to burst that bubble of yours

seriously you guys act like no one has ever canceled a concert the day of and after people are already there. It happens all the time. Yea I was pissed that I drove 3 hours to see her but I still love her and I will be going back.

I'm not a fans of Gaga, but i think it's normal for human to get sick sometimes...
It's okay, Lady!

There is a difference between performing a 2 hr show, n doing a short performance. I love how people who aren't even fans of gaga are acting like they genuinely upset that she didn't do the concert, why the hell should you care if she performs or not.Lady Gaga is not one to half ass her way through her concerts,so I'm glad she didn't do her show. Anyway she's making up the show on the 26th,and I'm sure she'll perform her ass off for the fans. Her fans have forgiven her, so why the hell, are the haters so worked up.
To the fans all that matters is that Gaga gets well and has enough rest.

i just watched opera and couldnt help noticing how unhappy gaga looked. when she wasnt speaking she looked tired and sad. im am positive her show on the 26 will be one of the best during her monster's ball tour.

1. She does not lip sync. She has a back up track yes but she does NOT lip sync. Go back and watch the youtube videos of her chicago show before you can make claims like that.

2. She looked awful on Oprah. She was too weak to even break the windshield of that car with the grenade you were mentioning. She was out of breath and panting even though I have not heard her pant after dancing that is much more strenuous. She looked like she was about to cry... how could you even call her looking energized? That was the worst I have EVER seen Gaga.

urm... shut up?! you can't do any better mate and learn how to spell you fool!

Whos give a rats rear. Lady Gaga gets paid alot of money to perform, if she can't handle it then she can go back to working 9 to 5 on a Daily Basis. She sucks anyway, I got a friend into a show (venue will not be named) that I was working when I went to hang out with my friend to see what all the BS was about with this Lady Gaga, I watched 2 song and she sucked not because of the music, because she was Lip Syncing. Glad I didn't pay to see that garbage, if she has the talent she should use it, not cheat the fans. Ahh but most fans are to dumb or naive to see it.

Random fact: Lady Gaga wasn't just "sick", she passed out.

Take the fact that she's human into consideration, please. If you're a true fan of hers, you'd forgive and understand.

And I agree. 3 songs on Oprah is nothing compared to her concert. At all.

Yeah it may have been pre-recorded...But it was recorded at 9am THIS MORNING!! She had plenty of time to regroup after the concert! Unexcusable!

Drama, drama, drama. Seems like every week there's a new drama with this gal. I hate drama. Guess that makes me not so much of a fan.

Who cares? Madonna Light tweets. Little monsters weep. Gay.

Lady Gaga is most talented artists in Pop music today she's leagues ahead of Britney Spears or any other cookie cutter flash in the pan pop artist you could find to put up against her today. Her dedication and effort to her craft is remarkable. She's been full steam ahead with touring, videos, interviews and maintaining and driving her House of Gaga. When was the last time any of you nae-sayers juggled anywhere near that much! Give the woman a break she's human.

Those of you so cavalier about this are clearly NOT the people who bought a ticket, hired a babysitter, had dinner, drove to the venue, waited a long time in a crowd, sat through TWO opening acts, then went home feeling dejected and having to reschedule the whole mess a couple of weeks later. Pardon the gender-bending, but a novice like Lady Gaga needs to learn how to man up and do the show she was hired to do. Rock and roll is full of acts who've gone on stage in WAY worse condition ... and occasionally performed better because of it.

Oprah was live today with Lady Gaga. She performed this morning.

She may have agreed to come back on 1/26 but what about the $$$ that people are out for gas to get there, other expenses? Are you saying that it's OK to do this? Don't agree to do a concert then back out at the last minute. I was never a fan of her and I darn sure won't be now. This is uncalled for. If she was that tired she could have cancelled earlier saving LOTS of people their time and trouble. Unexcusable and unprofessional!

She actually looked tired on the show. Plus her concert was 2 hours of dancing and singing, that's more work than doing 3 shortened songs on Oprah. Performers get tired too y'know

Her spot on Oprah was PRE-RECORDED. Get your facts right.

I agree. She obviously didn't feel well. Try performing every two days in different places for hours, I can't even handle going to school and sitting in a chair every day! At least she rescheduled and is coming back, no one lost money. If anything, it's a 2 for one deal. I personally am more worried about her than anything. I hope she will be alright.

I could be wrong, but isn't the Opera show taped a few days before it airs? I know it isn't televised live.

I'm not a fan of Lady GaGa's music, but I do know she cares a great deal for her fans. She's got a good heart. If she fainted, she had no business being on stage.

word, lisa.

Lady Gaga is the best thing in this world and why would she go to work if she feels sick? I would never go to work sick cause I'll make everybody around me feel down. It's ok Gaga your little TRUE monsters forgive you.

It wasn't even her decision to cancel the show, her doctors and her crew all advised her not to do it. You can see she's incredibly sorry and there still getting their show, show I don't see how you cold possibly make a big deal about this. Real fans will just be happy shes alright and they get to see her live the 26th.

So what? She can't take a night off? she never said she was sick, she said she fainted. Doing Oprah doesn't require non stop singing and dancing for two hours. It's not like she's screwin em' out of a concert, she's going back on 1/26 to give them the concert she couldn't do last night.

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