Kitty Kelley's Oprah tell-all out April 13

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The queen of tell-all, unauthorized biographies has a new subject for her stiletto pen: Oprah Winfrey.

Crown Publishers announced today that Kitty Kelley's 544-page, unauthorized Oprah: A Biography will be released April 13.

The first printing will be at least 500,000 copies.

Kelley has written gossipy, unflattering but best-selling books about Frank Sinatra, Nancy Reagan and the Bush family.

She announced in December 2006 she was pursuing Oprah. "She has fascinated me for many years," she said at the time, making it sound as if she intended to portray Oprah in a more positive light than her previous subjects. "[Oprah] has built an empire around her personality and has been one of American's most admired business women and philanthropists. Oprah's story is one of hope, promise and realization of the American dream."

Kelley still says she has high regard for Winfrey but also felt committed to writing the truth. Kelley says she devoted the past three years to examining Winfrey's life. She says she came away "full of admiration for her accomplishments and fascinated by her complexity."

Crown says Kelley conducted 850 interviews for the book.

Several have tried to write investigative and tell-all bios of Chicago's talk-show queen before -- and failed. In 1997, a former boyfriend tried to publish a book, in which he claimed the two lived together in 1985 and did drugs; the book wasn't published, and the boyfriend then tried to sue Oprah for $20 million for blocking it. Plus, Oprah's own father announced plans to write a tell-all bio, but the project was never completed.

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I wonder if this book will be anything like Keifer Bonvillian's book RUTHLESS another tell- all book about Oprah that was written after Oprah labled him an extortionist.I knew this book was out but did not pay it any attention until I recently heard that Keifer Bonvillian was being used as an adviser for the US goverment after The Department of Homeland Security purchased a copy of his new book entitled The Broken Road to Diesaster recovery.I read this book and then went back and got RUTHLESS when I got finished, all I could say is SHAME ON YOU OPRAH!

A few years ago, a man recorded conversatins he had with Oprah Winfrey's office manager and was writing a tell-all until Oprah's attorney set him up and had him arrested for extortion. The guy was smart enought to record the conversations and he used the conversations to prove his innocense. He wrote a book exposing lots of Oprah's dirty secrets and the extent her camp went to keep the information from becoming public. He even posted tapes of them setting him up on his website,

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