'It's your life ... own it!'

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That's going to be the tagline for Oprah's new cable network, OWN.

And remember: it's not called the Oprah channel.

"This network is not called Oprah, it's called OWN -- it's about owning your challenges, your relationships, and moving forward in a positive way," said Discovery networks leader David Zaslav, in a brief Q&A session Monday during a convention for the National Association of Television Program Executives. The OWN network will be part of the Discovery group.

"There is nobody that's in this Oprah space, the 'Live Your Best Life tools for your life' space," he said. "Oprah is not just a great brand, but she's a great creative, she's incredible at finding talent, and she's a great talent for this mission, which is really her mission in life."

That's just a tease. Details about OWN's programming are tightly protected and likely won't be revealed until this spring.

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