Don't mess around in Oprah's No Phone Zone

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Hang up and drive!

Even Oprah feels that way. That's why she's launching a campaign against distracted

Harpo Productions on Thursday announced Winfrey will call it the "No Phone Zone" campaign.

Winfrey plans to sponsor a pledge on her Web site, asking motorists to commit to not text or talk on their phones while driving. On Monday, the
talk show host plans to feature those who have lost loved ones in distracted-driving accidents on an episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

In a statement, Winfrey says she's "passionate" about the issue and asks viewers to spread the message to their families, friends, co-workers and community.

Winfrey says she wants people to know "how absolutely stupid it is that we continue to text and drive."


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Dear Oprah, I signed the NO PHONE ZONE!! But I was thinking what about these new cars coming out with all the things on the dashboard.I saw a commercial for a new car and there was so much on the dash that the man driving hardly had his eyes on the road.I can't remember all the things but it was the GPS and so many buttons to push it diffidently was distracting. Some cars have DVD players in the front.And radios with so many stations that you have to tune in.I saw one with no hands phone but the person had to take their eyes of the road to dial the number. I love the no phone zone but there are so many other things people do in their vehicle with out thinking. This will the message on my voice mail, for all my family to hear and anyone who calls maybe they will think twice before they pick up that phone!!!! Thank you Peggy Plank

don't do your make-up while drivig? Because i lost my cousin?she tried to do it and ran into the lake?

Has anyone ever wondered how much time a school bus driver spends looking in his rear view mirror? Who else is there on the bus, but that one adult to control the fighting, spitting, teasing, trash throwing, and moving around?

It's easy for Oprah to do this because she sits in the back of her chauffeured car all day long, it's not so easy when you have to work "on the road"

I wonder if Oprah could not text or talk while being chauffered ???? Try that Oprah

I agree-wholeheartedly-with Oprah's comments...on her show of Jan. 18,2010. WE MUST GET OFF OUR CELL PHONES,WHEN WE ARE DRIVING! Driving must have our full all times!I cannot say this often enough...or loud enough! My heart goes out to innocent victims...of cell phones!

I can not tell you the shock, pain, and heart ache of the loss of our dear friend of over forty years.
Charles Schwartz was a husband, father, and grandfather who loved so many people and was loved by all who knew him. He was warm, sweet, funny, a jokester, a philanthropist, who gave of himself generously to others. He was the kind of person you would love talking with at length and know it was a rewarding conversation.
Charles, who was in perfect health, was on an errand for someone when he was struck down needlessly and brutally by a distracted driver on a cell phone.
A WWII veteran, volunteer fireman, served so many other service organizations I can't even name here. What a wonderful human being!
My husband, my family and I miss him always because he was "family" and a big part of our lives. We were hoping to celebrate with him on his 90th birthday in 2013.

As a public health journalist and a mother, I am grateful to you for embracing the grave health threat posed by distracted driving. Whenever I see a driver dialing, texting or chatting away, I am stunned anew by our collective lack of consciousness.

The cell phone, automobile and now PC industries are exitedly marketing the "driving experience." A car is not an "experience" but a loaded weapon.

Government, industry and consumers need to associate picking up a cell phone (or mascara wand, or sandwich) with its true risk. Each time a driver thinks of picking up the phone, she needs to see the faces of those lost to the crime of distracted driving. 'Is this call/text worth ending a life' should be the message ingrained in our behavior and incorporated into driver education and enforcement at every level.

I am committed to battling this problem, and thanks to your remarkable voice, so many more will be as well.

Thank you, thank you for bringing this to light.

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