Will Oprah tame the Tiger?

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Tiger Woods with Oprah Winfrey on her talk show in 2001. (Harpo)

Sure, she sat down with Obama last week for a holiday special ("Christmas at the White House," this Sunday on ABC) -- but it's the other famous black American she's after for an interview.

Oprah and everyone else, that is.

The race is on to snag the first big interview with Tiger Woods after his late-night car wreck and allegations of infidelity (the tally of women claiming to have carnal knowledge of his putter is now up to six).

Oprah, ESPN and the Golf Channel say they've requested on-camera interview; HBO Sports also put in a request but was turned down, spokesman Ray Stallone told USA Today. CBS's "60 Minutes" also is likely in the hunt.

Don Halcombe, a spokesman for "The Oprah Winfrey Show," also told them they, too, have reached out to Woods. "I do know there was a blog report that Oprah had personally called Mr. Woods himself -- that is not true," Halcombe said.

But Oprah seems a likely choice for any public confession. The sports networks are following the drama, but this is only an indirect sports story. Oprah is the natural and comfortable home for such discussions -- and she has the demographic of women Woods may want to speak to in this particular instance.

Even Woods' advisers agree. The UK Mirror reports: "The golfing star's team of lawyers and PR advisers are desperate for Woods to spill the beans on Oprah's sofa, possibly alongside his devastated wife Elin. A source said: 'Everyone around him believes it is the only way he will salvage any respect or even attempt to rebuild his family man image.' "

If she lands the interview, what should she ask him?

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If any body can snag an interview with El Tigre its my girl Oprah.

Are our lives that pathetic that we need to try to justify our own existance by watching these undeserving failures chat. Both Blowprah and Tigress are not worth your time. Study, play with your kids, read a book because it is not worth your time. All these sick celebrities will fall down in the end because they are all liars. Esp. blowprah with her support of the worst president in the history of civilization.

Both of them are products of a sick world of the media. Trust me on this.

What is most amazing to me is the ever spinning media desperate to pry Tiger out of hiding. There is ZERO reason for ANYONE to BELIEVE anything Tiger Woods says at this point, isn't there? He has lied to his wife - maybe from the beginning of their relationship. He has lied to at least four of his mistresses, if we believe women who have multiple sex partners and care nothing if one or more of their partners is married that is. Apparently the National Enquirer had photos of Mindy L. and Tiger together BEFORE HIS SON was CONCEIVED! There is no way for the police to go back and properly handle the car accident and make sure Tiger was NOT drunk or drugged is there? So the particulars of at least one of these public trainwreck moments is now open to individual spin and the rest is really a private trainwreck between a wife and husband! I think we all know MORE THAN ENOUGH to know what kind of man Tiger Woods really is. Why would appearing on Oprah bring any sort of creditibility to TIGER WOODS? And why on earth would anyone expect or even ask for Elin Woods to appear WITH THE FOOL? Why would any woman wish to capitalize by heaping more stress on Elin Woods? That woman has two tiny children, right now those kids should be both Elin AND TIGER's PRIMARY CONCERN! Not either of their images and certainly not some appearance win for Oprah! If Oprah's team did that, SHAME ON THEM ALL! I think the next BEST STORY HEADLINE SHOULD BE "TIGER WOODS ENTERS REHAB" - and NOT TIGER APPEARS ON ____ (fill in the blank). I also think it might be a great idea if Elin decided to visit Sweden while her hubby is in REHAB! Give them both some time to clear their heads. And God willing, the paps will leave her ALONE!

Oprah needn't worry about Tiger wanting sex from her. That said, this crap all starts by women who want money and 10 minutes of fame...
They'll do the talk show circuit into cash at the expense of the guy. This is how women operate. It's enough to make a man masturbate and stay safe..


Are the lives of others SO DULL that Tiger's must be of such interest to them. Evidently.

So he has problems, so what! Just another fool with money to throw at the problem. Nothing new[s] here.

Who the heck cares about Tiger Woods, now?

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