Yes, that's Sherri Shepherd in 'Precious'

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Sherri Shepherd is nearly unrecognizable as Cornrows, a school receptionist in the film "Precious."

Sherri Shepherd certainly gets around -- in a good way. She's a co-host on "The View" every morning. She plays Tracy Morgan's wife on "30 Rock." She's been the "best pal" in sitcoms like "Less Than Perfect." She's got her own sitcom now, "Sherri," on Lifetime.

She also has a small part in the new Oprah-acclaimed movie "Precious." But don't ask Oprah to comment about the performance. She didn't even recognize Shepherd in the movie.

So says Shepherd in this red carpet chat at this week's AFI Fest ...

Chicago-based sex columnist Laura Berman interviews Shepherd about the new film here ... on Oprah Radio.

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