The next Oprah spin-off: Nate Berkus

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Dr. Phil became a regular on Oprah, and he got his own show. Dr. Oz became a regular on Oprah, and he got his own show. Who's next? Looks like it's Nate Berkus, Oprah's go-to interior designer for doctoring a room. He was also host of "Oprah's Big Give."

Broadcasting & Cable reported on Tuesday that Harpo Productions is shopping a new daytime talk show centered around Berkus, and may even be close to finalizing a deal with Sony Pictures Television to syndicate the show next fall. Harpo and Sony also partnered to unleash Dr. Oz on the world.

Berkus currently hosts "The Nate Berkus Show" on XM's Oprah & Friends channel.

The New York Times reported this item and noted: "The plans for Mr. Berkus will probably heighten speculation about the future of Ms. Winfrey's own talk show, as her syndicator, CBS Television Distribution, said this month that negotiations about a new deal were continuing. Ms. Winfrey may change syndicators or move her show to her coming cable channel, OWN."

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