First look at the Sarah Palin interview

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Here's the first set of clips we've seen from Monday's eagerly (for various and conflicting reasons) anticipated interview with former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

The chat has been pre-taped, and it looks fairly casual and comfortable. Oprah asks if Levi Johnston -- her almost son-in-law and future Playgirl model -- will be invited to Thanksgiving dinner. In answering, Palin actually says, "We're not really into the drama. We have other things to concentrate on."

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If Sarah Palin was a homely ugly duckling she would have been over with a long time ago! She like her Republican party has no real solution to this mess of an economy Bush handed Obama. She has the ego the size of this Universe to think that she could handle
being the VP when she could not handle a small population like Alaska by going full term!
Also she said she can have kids which includes a special needs baby and a demanding career with the help of extended family, yet she pouts her conservative Christian faith. She talks like a feminist which is contradictory. For someone so religious I was shocked that not once did she say she had to pray about accepting the VP nor did she say she had to consult her husband. I thought Christian women considered their husbands the head of their household but she told Oprah they were equals. She is a woman of extreme contradictions and as fake as they come!

Nice try Oprah, but your real sentiments showed through loud and clear. I thought Sarah did a great job being gracious in such an obviously hostile environment. Sarah Palin is so under-rated. The press has done everything it could to discredit her, and look, she is thriving. I have never in my life seen such a concerted effort to disgrave, discredit, belittle another human being. Yet, in spite of it all she has a best-selling book and tons of adoring fans. Her enemies will keep trying, but I think we are dealing with one dedicated, strong, talented woman. The kind that should make all women proud.

Disappointed in Oprah. She generally has open and inviting interviews. Her dislike for Palin was apparent. The media leads us in the direction they believe we should be headed. Oprha generally doesn't go that route.

What a classy interview. Although they come from opposite sides of the political scene, Oprah and Sarah Palin had an intelligent conversation that explains why both of them have the following they do. Congratulations!

I've never been a big fan of Sarah Palin. Hopefully there's a way that this interview will clear up her rep though. She seems really flakey but I can't imagine anyone being that highly respected being that goofy.

Oprah,please move from Chicago. All you do is give this city a sense of importance it doesn't deserve. It's a city of thieving hacks that blow hard about how great the place is when its actually a house of cards built on the backs honest working people who hate it and will leave when the taxes go airborn.

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