What do you get the Oprah who has everything?

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According to this full, unseen outtake from last night's "60 Minutes" interview, Tyler Perry gets her a white Bentley. And Gayle got one, too ...

"Of course, you say it's extravagant -- you didn't get it!"

Mr. Perry: I enjoy your films and need to drive many places beyond just one restaurant. Please deliver my Bentley to Chicago Sun-Times, 350 N. Orleans, Chicago. No, better yet, contact me here and I'll tell you where to send it to my momma ...

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"Eyes Of A Stranger" is no longer to be found on the internet.
It was previously found in a search engine...it had something to do with a star from Love Boat? KNOT.
That's not a clue its an answer.

hint: a cafe in New York on 8th Avenue, a stylist and a secret meeting between them to discuss subversive tactics in entertainment and global affairs with a dislodged recording artist not allowed to proceed and then to be profited from...spied on by security to themselves.

hint: "Straw Dogs Thoughts On Humans And Other Animals"

I hope Oprah goes on "Cribs"...


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