Sarah Palin on 'Oprah' in November

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You betcha! Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin will appear on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" on Nov. 16.

Harpo announced the booking today, adding that Winfrey and Palin will meet for the very first time on the episode.

Palin has been courted by numerous talk shows. Other than news-channel interviews and a cameo on "Saturday Night Live," she hasn't made it to Leno, Letterman, etc.

Of course, there's really one reason Palin chose Oprah: She's got a book to sell. And Oprah can move tanker-loads of books. Palin will be hawking her upcoming memoir, Going Rogue: An American Life.

Palin was John McCain's running mate on the Republican ticket for the 2008 presidential election. Oprah endorsed Barack Obama in the election, the first time she publicly supported a candidate.

Think Oprah can see Russia from her Chicago skyscraper?

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Shame on Oprah for not speaking out against the new government guidelines regarding mammograms. Her silence is transparent - she supports Obama and his administration to the detriment of women and womens health. Mammograms given only every other year will lead to more deaths from breast cancer, and more costly treatment for more advanced cancers that will benefit only the pharmacutical companies that now dictate to our government on healthcare. This move was done only to limit insurance and Medicare coverage. Oprah, give up the KoolAid and speak out!

Obama’s going to run out of folks to blame for his inability to handle his promises. He needs Mrs. Plain. I think he has mother issues, look how he attached to Nancy Pulaski. Does anyone out there really believe he has our best interest at heart?

I admire the fact that Palin fought her way to become governor and stands up for what she believes in the face of adversity. But I don't understand how being a mayor of a tiny town and governor of a state who's daily life and problem differ so greatly from the 'lower 48' qualifies her as presidential material. Could you picture her trying to run a city like New York or Los Angeles let alone a country with international responsibilities and problems? She still has a lot of proving to do before she should be considered capable of running this country of ours. We come from a place where people of ALL walks of life live together, compete for jobs against each other, and (often by butting heads with each other) strive to make our country better.

Imagine Palin in a situation like the Cuban Missile Crisis where everyday the decision to go to nuclear war hangs in the she even-keeled enough to make the best decision for our country amidst the type of adversity she's going to face? Or is Katie Couric looking for a 'gotcha' moment enough to push her buttons?

Give Palin a few more years of political tests and tribulations and lets see whether she's still around or if she quits instead of finishing the job that she wanted.

Sarah Palin is a

Oprah lost my respect today with her interviewing techniques. She went after Sarah Palin and she went dirty. There wasn't a kind bone in her body today, from pushing a hug away to inappropriate questions. I'm glad Sarah didn't go after Oprah or Levi, I feel she could have, but took the higher road. Oprah, you should be ashamed.

I believe Sarah Palin is very intelligent and I really like her. I have always wondered what would some people be saying about Palin if she had said she has been to all 57 states. Would they like that better than you can see russia from here.Has my opinion changed about Palin? I am a democrat, voted for Mccain/Palin, would have voted for Palin/republican IN 2008. will vote for Palin/republican IN 2012. I think she is awesome.

I wouldn't call her an idiot, but I think she is an ambitious plotician who shows a dangerous lack of insight. She seems more concerned with "connecting to the common folk" through image management and folksy sound bites than being real or thoughtful. I think we need stronger female leaders and Palin's celebrity-politico image does a disservice to seriously smart women. She whines, she baits, she points fingers and calls people un-American who don't agree with her views. The only time I really related to her was when she said she was "devastated" by the news of Bristol's pregnancy---she should have used that as an honest platform to discuss the complexities of abstinence education for teens and how it can still be valuable. I may disagree with her, but I'd listen to a real conversation if she pointed out her position with some thoughtfulness to all sides. But she is a limited thinker and will likely never get my vote.

Sarah You Go Girl Rogue4Riches You betcha, Minnesota Women Power

Oprah does not need to leave her home to see Russia, she only needs a mirror!
As for Governor Palin's intelligence, at least she's smart enough not to kill her own children and grandchildren!

What a classy interview/conversation. It explained why these two women, on opposite sides of the political divide, have the followings they do.

I just find it interesting that she's got a book to promote now, and *poof* she goes on Oprah

LOL - I think Oprah has a better shot at the presidency than Palin.
Yes! Awesome! Take that, high-school level English literacy! Repent, evil proofreaders!
Seriously, Sun-Times, you should be able to catch errors as obvious as misspelled names of people who've been on national TV for over a decade.

Oprah's ratings on Nov 16 will increase thanks to a classy, intelligent lady who has common sense and is REAL! People love Palin because she is honest and has integrity. The main stream media hated her because she energized McCain's campaign. McCain is a progressive liberal RHINO. Moderates have about as much integrity as liberals.

Anyone with any intelligence knows that Tina Fey made the statement about seeing Russia from "her" house. Sarah Palin actually said that Russia could be seen from an ISLAND off the coast of Alaska. Which is true. But then, when did truth ever stop liberals from spouting off in to prove some pseudo intellect?

Palin is highly intelligent with common sense and a better speaker than BO who can only speak when teleprompted, scripted, and staged.

Sarah, you are a much better person than Oprah. I hope you didn't take any junk from her. Oprah is just trying to boost her ratings. Why do you think she's talking about quitting folks???

If Oprah gives you any lip or is anything less than respectful just take your mic off and walk off the stage.

This will be the first Oprah I've watched since she officially declared she was backing Barack. Entertainers are supposed to entertain us, not force their political views down our throats. Haven't watched Oprah or Letterman in over a year.

I think you all are acting like children. You guys should just give this woman a break. I mean yeah sure she's ditsy but I mean who really cares about her now. I'm a Obama supporter and I know he's made some wrong choices. but I mean who doesn't.Were all not perfect. I mean what vice presidential candidate gets this much attention. I mean if any of you have common sense you know she wont win in the 2012 election, its just realistic.

She is proving that money and attention are her goals - She couldn't manage day to day duties of governor so she resigned - She's just riding the wave for what she can get out of it - She's more celebrity than politician. What a sad day for our country when a noted fool is even considered for office. Her actions throw mud on all the real working woman who struggle for equality.

AKagk, so did you burn down the Wasilla church?

Leftwing Obamabots are timid cowards. Go Palin. Let the Obamabot Pelosi lovers run in fear and throw their hatemongering demagoguery around like they always do. Leftists are full of hate, and they are also irrational: the election of Obama, the Chicago-style politician of corruption is proof. I'm sick and tired of Harvard and Yale grads and lawyers getting elected president. Obama is another Harvard Lawyer, a slick talking politician that duped millions of weak jelly-minds. I long for the day that someone gets elected president who is NOT a harvard "inside" big shot lawyer or yale grad...a REAL American from the heartland. That would be a great day indeed!

Palin is Satan. Long live Satan!!!

Wow... It is always amazing to me to see how many folks are so willing to make so many derogatory remarks about Ms. Palin... and none of those comments have anything to do with her actual experience or factual information.
What is that about? What is so threatening about this extremely accomplished women that drive a hand full of you to make cheap, misinformed, personal attacks on her?

However, it was very impressive to read the comments that do deal with Ms. Palin's actual accomplishments... does my heart good to see you have done your homework!

Uhh, lifelessons, BO has been on Oprah many times - many of the videos can be seen on her web site.

And Mona L. I live in Alaska, too. Born and raised. You're full of BS and definitely need to double check your facts before speaking so blatently.

* "She did nothing to reduce abortions in Alaska." She also didn't do anything to increase them! Legislation was been proposed under Palin, repreatedly (parental consent, etc.) and refused by the legislature. If you want to see some legislation or a reduction in funding, etc. talk to your representatives. They're the ones who vote on these things.

*"She's not a member of any church." Actually, she is a member of Wasilla Bible Church (referenced on Wikipedia).

I'll admit to being a former Palin supporter. I agree she wasn't prepared for the national scene, but I do believe she was mishandled and overly criticized. I hoped she would return and continue on the good work she started before leaving office, because she WAS moving in the right direction. Thank God Knowles didn't get back into office... Am I disappointed? Somewhat. After all, she didn't get an approval rate in the 80% range for sitting on her a$$ doing nothing! I can't blame her for going after bigger and better things, but it would have been nice to see some follow-through on her end.

I still think the red ticket would have fared much better for America, though. Look at the mess we are in now!

I live in Alaska. Sarah Palin is a fraud. What she says and what she does are two different things. If you are interested in knowing about the REAL Sarah Palin, listen to Levi Johnston. He knows who she is. I hear he's writing a book. I can't wait!


Palin Facts: She did nothing to reduce abortions in Alaska.
She's not a member of any church.
The Alaska Legislative Council found Palin abused her power by firing Commissioner Monegan for not firing her ex-brother-in-law.

I could go on, but I think you get my point.

I have read some of these comments about Palin ... and the comparison to Obama. I believe what we have here ... is a win win situation. Palin ... will win a presidential run against Obama ... because Obama doesn't have a clue on what he's doing ... and Palin ... has had a clear focus ever since she stepped on to the platform. Anyone that continues to slam Palin is a jealous ... low life ... and is afraid of a real American. I can't wait for 2012 ... that's when I'll have hope ... if there's anything left to our country by then. God save us from this nightmare that we are experiencing.

This should be good.

Oprah is Queen of TV. Her many billions prove that, no matter if your a fan or not.

What kind of nut thinks this is about HER ratings?!?! That is just ridiculous!

Sarah needs Oprah, NOT the other way around:

Oprah will throw soft balls and Sarah will squint and giggle and all the tea baggers will laugh and laugh and pretend that she has said something of merit.

What a joke.

I can not believe how many of you have respect for Palin!
She has no redeeming qualities.. unless you fall for that "I'm just like you all!" garbage.
She is everything that is wrong with politics and politicians.
I wish Oprah would not give her another platform to fall off of but, I guess she's an entertainer first and foremost.

I'm glad that Sarah Palin will be on Oprah. I like her. If she runs for President she will give Obama a run for his money. He is in deep kim che. One term president in my book. GO SARAH!!! You're a smart lady. Everyone has underestimated your abilities!!

I've stopped watching oprah, since she backed barack....I'll be watching on the 16th though

How did yesterday's elections go Marvin?

I love Sarah Palin. This post is a little snarky, isn't it? She's a good, common sense voice for conservatism.

She's pro-life??? The woman got on a plane in Texas in LABOR with an HIGH-RISK infant and flew all the way back to Alaska so he could be born there? Political expediency or was she hoping for another outcome???

No one is afraid of Sarah Palin. Liberals LOVE her because she makes the Republican/Conservative party look ridiculous. I hope she runs for President in 2012 because she will be easy for President Obama to beat and we certainly need at least 8 years of Democratic leadership to clean up the mess of George W. Bush.

One more time for those who refuse to seperate fact from fiction. I know Tina Fey "LOOKS" alot like Sarah but here it is;

TINA FEY AS PALIN: "And I can see Russia from my house!"

GIBSON: "What insight into Russian actions, particularly in the last couple of weeks, does the proximity of the state give you?"

PALIN: "They're our next door neighbors and you can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska, from an island in Alaska."

(This is a geographically true statement but she DOES NOT and NEVER SAID she lives on one of those islands)

We all agreed that it was a funny, clever word play at the time - but if we thought that the dumb masses would never be able to tell the difference in the future, I guess we should have taken it more seriously.

I am really looking forward to this. I really hope Palin has become educated in the past year. I have friends that are Palin supporters, and I truly want her to become the best that she can. However, I am having difficulty with her past comments: " I can see Russia", I don't remember the countries in NAFTA (never mind one borders your state and you didn't know it), the death camp lie, and her making a huge deal about funding genetic research while making fun of and promising to shut down fruit fly research (despite the fact that fruit fly research is the backbone of genetic research). I like her go get'm attitude, but she needs to step back once in a while and get the facts before she speaks. Sure there are a couple of states that still blindly follow the right, but the rest of American actually read facts before voting.

I love Oprah! I love her for being so confident and unafraid to interview different kind of individuals. She simply knows how to make her show more interesting, and more challenging. No wonder, her show, and she herself, is so well known, all over the world. Simply because, people learned a lot of great things with her show. She delivers her show very well, no matter how hard and how toxic could it be for her. More power to you, Oprah!

About Ms Sarah, since I trust Oprah a lot, I believe that it would be a great opportunity for her to defend herself against all her critic. Its time for us to hear what she has on mind for running for a VP position.

Go Sarah!
Palin 2012

Thank these are just strong opinions and statements that hold zero wieght what so ever.
The heavy wieghts are doing what they want to do that includes Sarah Palin and Oprah Winfrey.

I can not think of a time when a past VP candidate has maintained the spot light as long as Palin has. It's amazing that the people who dislike her most are the ones that keep the Palin fire burning, in their feeble attempts such as "can she write"? "I didn't know she could read". Is this the best that they can do? Is this their best arguments?? IF you are going to attempt to belittle this woman, I would think you would have at least some intelligent arguments. (I would love to hear their comments on Biden). The bottom line Sarah, you have the attention of the Dems in DC. Better yet, you have them scared.
I'm 63 and I look for great things from you. Go for it, keep rattling their cages girl. Every time I read their anti Palin remarks is puts a little grin on my face. Go get'em Sarah!!

I heard with my own ears on a TV interview that Sara Palin who is self proclaimed devout Christian remark that she did NOT hesitate to accept the VP when asked but jumped at the opportunity!
She never said that first she had to pray about this major decision then converse with her husband and family. What a Selfish, self-centered, UnChristian thing to do. Real Christians pray about every major decisions and then put God and family first above all! This spoke loud and clear about her so-called Christian Faith!

Two strong minded women with two seperate lives and careers. Should be interesting. I think Sarah can hold her own. After all Oprah is a talk show host not a world leader of her own country- well maybe to some.

For once I wish I had TV! Quit it in '92.

I know who both the ladies are and I am sure it will be a wonderful show. I think there will be an unexpected surprise when the revelation of the title is made. It is funny to read the comments here. The political connotations and remarks of racism! Shame, shame! Yes, many citizens do fervently love Sarah Palin and some are left bitter from losing their election. Grow up like these two ladies and be civil! At least they will show us that diversity can still co-exist in America in a civil manner. It is OK to like them both! They lead by example a United States, not a divided one for the world to see.
Why slash their tires? If you don't like Sarah, you will want to know about the book's content. If you don't like Ophra, you will still want to know the book's content. I say the book will be a big hit with a sneaker surprise on just what Going Rogue is all about.

It is interesting what the public has to say and how Newsgroups are covering the topic. Some pundits are careful on attacking Ophra because she is respected for her market share, while hosing the decks down in anticipation of Sara Palin's 'Going Rogue'. This is going to be great entertainment that will last a long time. I think it will be more exciting than the Presidential runoff! The World waits and watches the media climate transform in anticipation.

Too bad I'll miss it.

McCain-Clinton 08'

GOOOOOOOOOOO SARAH... GOOOOOOOO SARAH...get your millions from a book like the Clintons ... DO it BEFORE OBAMA writes his...and for doing what???NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HIs book title: NOBEL PRizES and OTHER UNDESERVED acclamations!!!

Oprah's interview and post-interview analysis will likely follow the "Rules for Radicals" by Leftist Radical Saul Alinsky.

"Wherever possible go outside the experience of the enemy. Here you want to cause confusion, fear and retreat." Oprah will ask Palin about fluff instead of Energy, or National Defense issues. Like perky Couric.

"Ridicule is man's most potent weapon. It is almost impossible to counterattack ridicule. Also, it infuriates the opposition, who then react to your advantage." You can expect to see outtakes on Colbert, Stewart, Letterman and SNL.

I don't anticipate any surprises from this Oprah appearance. So predictable.

why go on that fat racist show. when god handed out looks, someone never stood in line.

I have never posted on any of these blogs before in my life however, I find it very hard to not post anything on this subject. I have read everyone's comments and feel that each of you are childish in your own way. For the Obama lovers, you down the republicans and vise versa. I am neither republican nor democrat I simply vote for the person who I feel will cause the least amount damage to our country. The point is this, every person in the political arena has done something to screw up. As for Oprah many of you say you are mad she did not have Palin on during the election but what you fail to realize is that she didn't have Obama on there either. So what she supported him publicaly(she has that right as a U.S. citizen) but she respected her republican fan base enough to just stay neutral on her show and not invite anyone. I am not a big fan of Oprah but let me tell all of you something...she didn't make a billion dollars more than you by doing something wrong. Many of you who down talk another person is usually working off some type of anger. My about sh** that is more important like your own children, family, bills and f**k ups. Not one of you are perfect and all of you have done something wrong that has effected your life in a negative way if you hadden then you are still just learning to live. We learn by mistakes and in life you need to decide if certain circumstances and situations will even matter in five years. When you decide to make a comment that is negative towards someone rememeber "will this matter in five years". God bless and have a great weekend.

Dummiest sh** I ever heard by the way was Angie's comment:
"The only reason the left hates her so much is that she's pro-life. This is incredibly threatening to the political side that has tried so tirelessly to convince women that their worst enemies are men and children. Palin represents what they say we can't be: pro-life and pro-woman. Conservative and successful in our right. The left wants us bitter, angry, childless and alone. It's so sad."

First of all if you are so damn pro-woman then why in the hell would you want the government (made up of mostly men) to tell you that you must have the baby of your rappiest who might happened to be your father or a man with AIDS. I like that you would allow others to tell you what to do with your own body thats real pro-woman(being sarcastic)!

Unfortunately, Sarah Palin did say she could see Russia from Alaska. She said it in her Charlie Gibson interview. She was asked what insights she had about foreign affairs. She was attempting to make a case that Russia was a US threat and how close Alaska is to Russia. Tina Fey did not make that up. I like Palin, but the truth is, she said it.

I am disappointed that you will be on Oprah!! Oprah just wants her ratings to go up, and you are the one to raise her ratings!! We love you anyway Sarah!!!

I wish Sarah didn't go on, but I respect the decision to face someone who will have nothing but distaste for her. Sarah is a true champion of womens rights and womens rights groups should be standing up for her. I wonder why they don't? Just like the fact that Oprah never endorsed ANY candidate until Barack Obama, hmmmm I wonder why all the enthusiasm? Guess we will never know... ;)

Women, what is your issue with Sarah Palin? Grief.
Since when is it an uproar that a modern women writes a book someone does not like, or does not like that person, a major problem? This is petty stuff. I will assume you are under 17 years old, otherwise just grow up. Lets get mature here. I think the "You Betcha" comment is far better than the "Wee-Weed up" comment the President of United States made a back in August. I may feel it is "street trash talking" but I am not spending my time & life rehashing it. Just do not buy her book, period.

Sarah, you do not need Oprah to sell your book. Your book will do great without Oprah.
S & B Davies

"Sarah Palin NEVER SAID she could see Russia from her house, that was TINA FEY, and it was said on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE."

Hey JD, it doesn't really matter that Palin actually said "You can actually see Russia from land here in Alaska". It's just as dumb: She was saying this in reponse to Charlie Gibson question about what gives her insight into Russian politics. The honest, smart answer would have "Nothing Charlie. I have no experience working with Russia. I have no insight. I have a heckuva lot to learn but I'm not afraid to admit it nor do the work". No... instead Palin gave a dumb answer, setting herself up for ridicule.

DON"T DO IT, Sarah. Ms. O. is not concerned with you on any level, other than you pose a threat to President O. You don't need the publicity. Ms. O will do what ever she can to derail you and destroy you because of her unyielding support For the President.

Why are left-wingers frightened of Sarah Palin? Why is the entire media and government apparatus attacking her?

What was it someone said about 1 honest person in 10,000? That 1 person is stronger than 10,000 dishonest people.

Isn't it about time someone, that one honest person, cleaned up the Washington, DC sewer?

NOOOO, send another crook there. After Obama, why not Charles Rangel? Or Al Sharpton? What could be worse than Obama? Not much.

Joe Sat;lain junior

Sarah, you don't need to lower yourself down to the Chicago gutter. Don't associate with this billionaire bigot. You will be fine without her accusations and you don't need to legitimize the hate speech spewing from this opinion TV joke of a show.

If nothing else, this will be interesting!

Palin may not be an intellectual but she's got some amount of brains. Unfortunately, hers manifests in a way that would be best described as "cunning". She's a player and she has played certain aspects of the political game well. But those were the aspects that could work in her favor. Other areas she has botched terribly and she left Alaska in a lurch after doing much damage.

The Alaska bloggers have kept goood record of Ms. Palin's doings. For those of us in the lower 48 , those websites hold a wealth of knowledge. Ms. Palin used to enjoy throwing around the phrase "pajama clad bloggers living in their parents basement". Well it turns out that these are some of the best researchers and dedicated reporters that you'll ever read. That's where the true story lies and , if you're interested in learning more about Ms. Palin before her book comes out, I promise you'll learn more than you wanted to. A great Alaska based blogger is at and another great site not based in Alaska but who has done amazing work is at

Have fun!

I'll be curious to see what Sarah Palin has to say. I don't have a high opinion of her, but I don't hate her. I don't even know her.

So she thinks differently than I do. Who's to say that my ideology is correct all the time, just because I think I am?

Palin is a public figure. Oprah is right to interview her regardless of their difference in ideology. How do you know you oppose someone unless you know what it is you are opposing?

So Michelle you think she won't be asked a hard question? You mean like Obama who is so petified of questions, he is trying to shut down any opposition anyway he can. Washington has now become the gutter from Chicago.

Yes Oprah is a sellout, for good reason. Yes Palin is looking to increase book sales, for good reason. What's wrong with turning a profit, if you don't like it, don't buy it. It's funny to hear people so upset about a female conservative, it's almost as good a mix as a black liberal. I would like to hear one legit scar on Palin's record wherein the people she governed were not beneficial in their communities. Any politician would have their families on stage with them, so the people can see the whole picture on who their voting for. It's not propaganda, to end that argument.

Congratulations Palin on her book I betcha It'll be amazing!!!! I can't wait til you come to Chicago I want tickets!!!

Oprah is hurting , low rating, she is in a big slump. Shara will give her a reprieve for a day LOL

This is the best thing to happen for her. She will let the country know what she is about and it is not selling out our Great Country like the current bozo is.

Don't get it twisted!!! The right wing nut case Palin isn't going on this show for a politcal onslaught of questions. She knows better than that! LoL She's just going to be talking about her book. Polictcal questions will be reserved for the rest of the nut cases at Fox News Network.

The Oprah show over the years became a liberal base like the drone news media. This country has been led down the path of socializm through the news and talk shows. If it were not for this media the polls would be 65% conservative and 20% liberal. I think this is just what the country needs, to see how Oprah treats Palin. If she tries to pull a Kati Couric it could be the end of Oprah. Go Sara.

Sarah Palin NEVER SAID she could see Russia from her house, that was TINA FEY, and it was said on SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE.

But hey, why let THE TRUTH get in the way of a good put-down?

Don't you fact check? Or are you just spoonfed your talking points from MoveOn? Way to think for yourself. Make sure you go to Huffington so you can be told how to respond.

Why are 'Sarah Supporters' so angry and hostile? And why haven't they mastered the basics of the English language??

To the lovers of Sarah Palin, you're in love with the idea of Palin. The reality is she has never been right about anything. She is nothing like the picture she has portrayed she is a farce. She quit Alaska, but first she screwed Alaska. Her actions show she is narcissistic, egotistical and clearly lacks character.

I'm a republican but the behavior of my fellow republicans has shook me to the core. I was in Washington DC on September 19, during the tea party march on the capitol. I was sick to my stomach reading the signs about Obama that idiot rednecks and their innocent children carried. I hated it when the democrats did the same thing to George Bush because I HATE DISRESPECT! Get your point across another way, but don't insult because no one will ever hear you.

For a while I was stumped why so many republicans as were so openly hostile to President Obama, but I figured it out. They don't mind a conservative white man bankrupting America, they just don't want a liberal black man doing it.

Oprah is racist, she must be... She's a smart lady and as a smart lady she couldn't have chosen a communist unless he was a black. USA Today had a revealing poll in October of 2008 showing 42% of whites supporting that communist idiot, and 94% of blacks supporting him.

I haven't been happy with Oprah for some time, but I admire her business sense and find her to be fair. Ms. Palin will be treated with respect and dignity from Oprah. Thanks Oprah, and please consider people to be on your show that are from all walks of life in the political arena.

Sarah Palin is not dumb like the "intellectual elites" would like America to think. I applaud her willingness to go on tough shows (where she is insulted and maligned) and take tough questions. That is more than we can say about Obama who won't even give Fox News an interview. Palin is a scrapper who uses her emotional intelligence to out-smart the haters. Go girl!

When I got the press release earlier today I got so excited! I cannot wait to see this interview. I really hope that Oprah doesn't play the mean-spirited card on Sarah. I'm hoping Sarah gets to redeem herself a little bit from all of those awfully played out interviews during the campaign. I have the date and time marked on my calendar to watch since I haven't watched Oprah in years. Go Sarah!!

She may be doing Oprah and Fox (bet Greta gets the 2nd interview; Hannity the 3rd.) After that, my dime says she will refuse to be interviewed by anyone who could ask her a difficult question, or worse, ask her to read aloud from the book that she didn't write. That will be good.

I remain amazed at the support for a woman who used her children, including an infant, as props during the campaign, who used her speeches to vilify and lie about Obama, who lied herself about the bridge (she supported it and took the money) and the pipelne (which has NOT been approved by Canada and is 10 years away at least), and who is very good at marketing Sarah Palin. Otherwise, I see nothing positive in her speech, her actions, and her mothering. Her son is in the military because he dropped out of high school and was looking at jail time. Her underage daughter has a baby and is estranged from the father, after we were all assured that they would marry (this to appease conservatives.) What is so fascinating about her? She didn't even write the book. She taped and narrated stories and emailed her father for her high school sports stats. And this 'bestseller' has dropped considerably in the past two weeks on the lists. So she'll take her 7 mill, and whine about the media, and complain about the President. Nowhere in there do I see anything helpful to the country.

Eileen you are a complete and utter Moron!!! There are more white guest on Oprah than any other race and because Oprah didn't invite Palin on her show makes her a racist, the only racist here is you, dumb idiot.

Palin who? I thought she fell through an ice shelf!


Palin makes me want to grind my teeth in disgust, but she's going to ride her popularity wave as long as she can. No matter how many times she's interviewed, she never gets any brighter or clearer. So it's hardly worth my time to watch the show, but II suppose, out of curiosity, I will watch a few minutes of it. You know the people that love Palin, with adore her no matter what she does and the same goes for Oprah. None of this changes anything.

I am VERY disappointed in Sarah for accepting Oprah's offer to an interview. Am angry about it. Many of us found Oprah useless since she decided before the campaign and election NOT to have Sarah Palin on her show. Oprah only does this for HER own ratings. Sick Palin fell for it all. She is better than this. Many of us decided to NOT watch Oprah for her political views of the now President Obama socialist views and Palin decides she can sell her book in such a unnecessary stage.

I love Sarah. She is not the way the MAIN STREAM MEDIA painted her to be. She is very very classy and thick skin. I really admire her courage when facing such enormous "critics" and "trashes". But the most important of all, SHE IS A UNITER.

She drew me from the DEM PARTY in the 2008 election. From then on, the firt time in my adult life, I voted for a REPUB. CANDIDATE.

I'm very surprised by the announcement Sarah Palin will be appearing on Oprah Winfrey.To me Sarah Palin should just ignore Oprah since clearly she is a better person. One thing about it OP will sure have people watching, and it will not be because of her. America loves Sarah Palin no matter what OP has to say.God Bless Sarah Palin I hope the book sales continue to increase.

The only reason the left hates her so much is that she's pro-life. This is incredibly threatening to the political side that has tried so tirelessly to convince women that their worst enemies are men and children. Palin represents what they say we can't be: pro-life and pro-woman. Conservative and successful in our right. The left wants us bitter, angry, childless and alone. It's so sad.

I never lost respect for Oprah when she didn't have Palin on during the campaign, because I respect her right as a business woman to make such decisions. I think this is a wonderful opportunity...I know Oprah will read the book and be the classy hostess that she always is.

The price of the book dropped from $20.00 to $9.00 on Amazon and advertised on Walmart today before the release date is not a good sign. The book should be right up there with Vanna White's "now we know why Vanna doesn't talk, she has nothing to say."

I can just imagine Oprah preparing for this interview. Oprah would treat this interview like any interview of a third grader about a paper on "How I spent my summer". I love all the Sarah Palin apologists complaining about her treatment. By the way, 400 pages of double space, single sided, 14 font and 100 pages of coloring sounds like something her followers will enjoy and understand. Keep up all the intelligent comments apologists. This is your last forum to speak out since the political arena is closed for the far right. Yes, I am sorry to say, it’s over for you. Go ahead and check an independent poll. Not so good there buddy! Lets hear it for the intellectuals!

I wish the media would ignore her so she will just GO AWAY. Monica Lewinsky finally did.

OH Barbara Miluski....and which state have you been govenor are a disgrace to women because you should always give people the benefit of the doubt...yes I am sure you must be Obamabound........

The usual Palin put downs comments but in reality Sarah Palin is doing the book circuit. Oprah's ratings are not what they used to be so this will be good for her. The difference this time is Palin will control the shots.

I understand Sarah's new book is 400+ pages long. Given her achievements lowering taxes in Wasilla, eliminating corruption in the AK energy commission, making the Alaskan pipeline a reality, going head-to-head with big oil to get reimbursements for the people of Alaska, shaking off McCain's incompetent campaign staff and laughing off ignorant hippies who spout worthless comments like "I wasn't even aware Palin could write", I'm not surprised it's that long. Obama's achievements wouldn't fill a MoveOn pamphlet.

I have boycotted Oprah since she refused to have Sarah Palin on during the campaign. I thought Oprah was being racist to be quite honest when she refused to have Sarah Palin on her show during the campaign. I emailed a complaint to her, and for those of you that missed Oprah's website complaints, there were many thousands of complaints. For a person that always promoted women, she was dishonest. However, that being said, I will watch Oprah on that day only. I have to see how Sarah handles herself in enemy territory. I have asked Oprah in several emails to have more conservatives on, especially women. (Sure would beat the nonsense like who slept with their father lately) She tends to go liberal, no big surprise in Chicago! Can Sarah write? I will find out since I have the book ordered. It has been a best seller since week one of introduction and it will break records I am sure. Sarah may never become president, but she will be heard and I admire her. Going on Oprah is genius. Go Sarah!

Comments like "I didn't know she could write" or "Palin is an embarrassment to any hard working woman" shows the fear that she brings to people who only know what they have been told to think and not how to think. If they knew how to think they would see that Sarah and Oprah come from the same mold. They are both dynamic, hard working, and driven. I wonder if Oprah is suffering from buyers remorse.

I have enormous respect for both Oprah & Sarah Palin & it was too bad political differences kept these two amazing women apart for so long. As a loyal fan of Oprah's I supported Obama during the election, but I always admired Sarah Palin as a female success story.

This is going to be TV Gold!

Some ObamaDrone wrote "Sarah Palin is an embarassment to any hard working women in this country"...>Really?....a working mother of 5 who started with nothing, came from nothing .. rose up to become Governor of Alaska and VP nominee for President of the United States....Accomplished all this through guts, determination, drive...And still that resume isn't good enough for many Female ObamaDrones.....Let me guess..role models for these Drones?....Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg.

I love Ms. Palin! I voted for her and can't wait until she runs for President. She's right on about everything. I can't wait until she kicks Barry's tush in the next election.

Oprah a sell-out? The business of America is business, and, need I remind you, Oprah is America.

As for Palin, she is a lot more like Oprah than she is different from her. Both came from humble beginnings. Both achieved success without riding anyone's coattails. Both are interesting and speak well. Both demand attention and get it. Yeh, both hold strong and differing opinions, but I say that there is room enough in America for both of them. Frankly, in terms of commone sense and actual accomplishment, either of them could do a better job directing the country than Bush or Obama.

Sarah Palin is an embarassment to any hard working women in this country. The fact that Oprah would book her just for the ratings tells me that they are not that much different.

WHY? Shame on you, Oprah

By promoting Palin's book on her show, Oprah has become a sell-out. I've lost respect for her.

The fact that her book is doing ok is a mystery to me, I wasn't even aware Palin could write.

Palen please do not lower your self to such folks as Oprah you are so much better a person.

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