Palinpalooza! What should Oprah ask Sarah?

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Oprah announced yesterday that controversial Republican figure Sarah Palin will be on her show next month to plug her new book, and Palinpalooza has already (big surprise) stirred up both bases.

Facts and misunderstandings have flown fast and furious in the last 24 hours. People reported that last year "Palin famously turned down a campaign season appearance with talk show host." Well, not completely. First, Oprah kept her at bay through the election, then Palin returned the favor.

The Drudge Report posted an item in September 2008 claiming that Oprah's staff was bitterly divided about whether to book Palin on the show. Oprah quickly responded with a statement debunking Drudge, saying, "There has been absolutely no discussion about having Sarah Palin on my show. At the beginning of the presidential campaign, when I decided that I was going to take my first public stance in support of a candidate, I made the decision not to use my show as a platform for any of the candidates. I agree that Sarah Palin would be a fantastic interview, and I would love to have her on after the campaign is over."

Oprah famously endorsed Barack Obama -- did a "happy dance" for him, no less -- the winning Democrat in last year's campaign. (He even joked about making her his VP.) Obama has appeared twice on Oprah's show -- but not while he was a candidate. He also plugged books on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" in January 2005 and October 2006.

Immediately after Election Day, Oprah did invite Palin to be on the show. And Sarah snubbed her, talking to several other shows instead.

Round and round -- the point is, it's finally happening, for good or ill. So, the question ...

What do you think Oprah should ask Sarah during the interview?

According to yesterday's announcement, they'll be meeting for the first time during the actual sit-down -- no pre-planning or rehearsal -- so O's gotta have her ducks in a row. What should she ask? Where shouldn't she go? Tell us below ...

And, as much as "Saturday Night Live" has skewered Palin with Tina Fey's spot-on impersonation, here's a clip from a Dutch TV comedy show featuring an Oprah spoof -- with "Sarah Palin" as a guest ...

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Questions for Mrs. Palin-Clinton:
Sarah Palin lives in Alaska and the residents of Alaska collect a government check from the oil companies. The rest of America does not.
Sarah Palin also stated in her RNC speech 08', "we are at a war for energy"- was she at war with her utility company?
What's a "war for energy" opposed to a "holy war"?
She is fighting with her church or the utility company?
I guess there's alot of OIL in Iraq- did Sarah Palin understand this while governing in Alaska and while running for Vice President?
Americans don't collect a check from the oil companies in fact they pay at the pump, but Alaskans collect an oil check, yearly. Are they blessed by God-and others aren't?
And did Sarah Palin go to the Whitehouse to lobby with Exxon and Chevron?
So like Iraq was a war for holy control-there's alot alot of oil in Iraq- no weapons of mass destruction and no Bin Laden?

Oprah after your done reading these question with a federal investigator are you going to not have them posted, so you can-
(1) cover it up
(2) find a way to profit from the questions in order push yourself further into a control margin-then congratulate yourself as some sort of media genius and proactive American- when in fact your just as much a lobbyist as a major corporation, in fact your role of merchandising the "first black President" is extremely lucrative.
(3)wonder if I'm going to get killed, while planning your next re-write and submission alteration in order to manipulate the public's compassion and pocket book?
(4)sign Sarah Palin to an exclusive interview and another deal to use her as a pawn as she has been already to reap the rewards...
(5)call Bono-(blah blah blah) and go shopping for the poor.


Levi Johnston thinks the Palins are headed for divorce.

"Just like she decided she was going to quit [being the] governor [of Alaska], just was waiting for the right time. They're gonna wait it out," he tells "ET." "They're gonna be smart. They're going to do it when the time is right."

But there's more!

He said he heard divorce mentioned in the household, and claims his ex-girlfriend Bristol, the mother of his son, Tripp, suspected that her father possibly had "something going on" when it came to affairs.

Levi said of Sarah and Todd, "I've never seen them like a normal married couple. You know, the communication was horrible. They never talked, really wouldn't be in the same room. You know, they'd fight a lot."

We're shocked, shocked. Are you?

Meanwhile, Levi is getting ready to show off his family jewels in "Playgirl." His mother must be so proud.

If I was Oprah, I would ask Ms Sarah, why did she ever think of running to Politics? What motivated her? What can she do for American ppl?

How did some Americans who comment on blogs get so small-minded and intolerant. I'm sure that not a single one of them has the capacity to be a state governor, or they undoubtedly would be.

Alaskans not only pay no taxes thanks to deals Palin instituted, but the state pays them. I'd like her to be governing my country, as taxes are killing me. I think I'd be asking when she'll be running for president, when she'll be putting her impressive talents to fixing the nation, perhaps the world.

I want her to delve deeper into the controversial topic of snowmobile racing.

By senorswank on October 21, 2009 5:06 PM
How does a retard raise a retard?

One of the most disgraceful comments I have ever read....

Shame on you sensorwanker...

How about "How do we get out of this mess Obama got us in? How about " How are your taxes now that Obama wants to spread the wealth?

By senorswank on October 21, 2009 5:06 PM
How does a retard raise a retard?

Nothing like a compassionate liberal Obama supporter.

Writing to Oprah reminds me of writing to "The International Library Of Poetry".

Both have celebrity endorsements and don't pay for your work, one big difference is with Oprah you can purchase colon cleanse products and berries, but "The International Library Of Poetry" requires you purchase your work from them in order to possibly win a "contest"...
Is Miss Winfrey getting a cut from the book Sarah's hired ghost writer labored over and planning the "perfect" spot to do some donor work after cashing in to gain public trust and approval?
Sarah's pretty "lucky", government jobs do have their perks and connections, now don't they?

What was that middle part?

I don't think anybody who is the governor of a state is as stupid as former Governor Palin is portrayed. But some of the speeches and interviews were frustrating because they were so stream of consciousness. You couldn't get home with all the bread crumbs you could find.

So I would ask "what was that middle part?"

How does a retard raise a retard?

Oprah should probably ask Sarah Palin for advice on eating sensibly and exercising.

Palin looks great 24/7, whereas Oprah sadly goes back and forth.

I'm sure the Palin will give great advice.

I hope she asks her about treatment by the MSM and the WH's emeney list! Of course, BHO is Oprah's guy so nothing that can blowback will be asked.

( blank )??? Can't think of a thing.

How are you able to put up with the liberal idiots
of the country and still be so focused ?
David Letterman definitely has a thing for you....
what did you say to him when he tried to hit on you that made him turn so evil.
Bravo for you.

I'd rather ask Oprah why she would even bother?

What makes you think you are qualified to run for political office when there are so many more immensely qualified, intelligent, articulate, and knowledgeable people, both men and women, in the United States who could undoubtedly do a far, far better job than you would ever be capable of doing for the people of the United States?

HI Sarah, What newspapers do you read now? You have time!

Mary, Chicago, IL.

How did you become so incredibly insane and still get elected as Governor

There are so many !!!!!!
Since I'm a canine Behaviorist, and amateur wolf researcher. I would like her to address her views on wildlife conservation, especially pertaining to wild wolves who are being slaughtered unscientifically. She not only allowed Wolfs to be aerial hunted inhumanely, but put a bounty on their paws. What is that!?
Gandhi once said, and I paraphrase, Countries are judged by the way they treat their animals.
The USA with the allowance of trophy hunting, are bottom of the barrel.

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