Oprah loses $400 million in one year

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Losing $400 million can't be among her favorite things.

TV talk queen Oprah Winfrey's net worth is estimated at $2.3 billion, down $400 million from last year, according to Forbes magazine's 2009 list of the 400 richest Americans released this week.

Oprah is No. 141 on the list, up from No. 155 in 2008.

She was among 314 of those listed to see their net worth drop in the last year.

Microsoft Corp. co-founder Bill Gates keeps his spot at the top. This year, he's worth $50 billion, down by about $7 billion.

His buddy, Berkshire Hathaway Inc. Chairman Warren Buffett, stays in second. He's at $40 billion, down 20 percent from his 2008 listing.

Cheryl V. Jackson

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A serious thank you to the Chicago Sun-Times blog for actually posting my words, the freedom of speech is alive and well in America.
Now, I called the commissioner's office in Chicago yesterday, spoke to a lawyer, and it was explained to me in words, that Oprah has and is skirting copyright laws, by the words written under her contact page submit form- that is a case for FRAUD. Wording an agreement to avoid possible penalties Miss Winfrey is fraud.
I filed a claim against your "business" with the FTC, Consumer Fraud Department, called your studio, and sent email to a one David Garfinkle. A writing scam is one that does not give credit to an author of their words, but refusing to pay thats a whole another story, and telling someone in writing your going to steal or change the story- that is also evidence that your a goddamn plagiarist, and your a publisher to name just one "job" title.
Darlene Tracy in Boston didn't lose her case because she doesn't have one, she filed the complaint in the wrong court- it is out of jurisdiction, Darlene Tracy needs to file "them" facts in Illinois where the place of business is being tried for fault. Nice legal trick your shady lawyer pulled there, did he speak with a judge prior to Darlene's case or did the Boston judge who cannot give legal advice dismiss the case on its meirt to avoid the embarrassment of trying a case not valid in that courts jurisdiction?
There's penalty to be paid for each unwanted spam mail. Any idea, word used for a story or show "idea" that runs with advertisments who pay your offices is a profit based business adventure. That's correct any story, idea used on air makes money per advertising cycle. Any trip or endorsement that's embarked by using another's words. idea's, stories is also a loss for that individual who concepted and wrote the plan first.

That's Oprah - damned if she do - damned if she don't. Tell her to donate it to charity and then she'll get the write-off.

Its always good to dumb down your assets while profiting in the poor economy, (she's not the only one). Is Miss Winfrey going to endorse Michael Moore's new film? As Michael Moore shows in "Captialism A Love Story" a bread factory has a profit sharing enterprise. Unlike Oprah's business of "show and tell" on T.V. See, if one reads the legal note under the contact submit form via www.oprah.com it states Oprah does not pay for your "story", "idea's" or "words" and can alter the words, holds no responsibility of confidentiality, and changes dates.
Oprah doesn't share the wealth, she makes her millions and puts on the charity show for the public to go- WOW what a "good" person. Oprah knows what's best for children, although she none of her own, I read Miss Winfrey was intending to adopt a litter of children, then backed out.
Why does the camera whore (that's term used on people who just cannot shy away from the camera, and the "O" woman is not just on television, but has a magazine cover photo shoot every month for over a decade). So why does "she" or "they" want your or the public's "words", "idea's", "stories"? New material for her show and staff to REWRITE- and by definition a plagiarist is one who does not place credit for another's words- but in America if you can make money from it( using others words)- your a "CAPITALIST", that's why. She makes millions of buck doing charity work? No-she sells good things to liberals. But however, could you imagine if someone who uses liberal psychology on T.V. everyday and didn't do "good" things?
Actually capitalizing on liberals is "good" money.
Again, is a plagiarist a person who alters another's words, story or idea's? By definition yes. She's also good at getting celebrities who need that prime time mid-afternoon T.V. spotlight to rally with her- that's the power of television, something to think about while watching the 20-something yap about other peoples problem's, and getting real personal from a T.V. studio. Has anybody else got spam mail after writing to www.oprah.com, bet her life savings you did.

My heart is not quite bleeding.

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