Ellen wears Oprah: 'Stop staring at my articles!'

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Need one more Halloween costume idea? Try this project from Ellen DeGeneres: She's dressing up as The Oprah Magazine.

On today's "Ellen," DeGeneres emerged wearing a big O cover. DeGeneres will actually grace the cover of O in an upcoming issue; this, however, is not that photo.

Ellen explained:

"I'm dressed as O Magazine. Stop staring at my articles. My issue of O Magazine is coming out in two weeks. The real cover has not been revealed yet so this is just a photo that Oprah and I took over the weekend. This is what we do when we hang out. We just push each other on swings and sometimes we play in her bouncy castle. It's Oprah, it's a real castle. It's not bouncy ...

I was smart when I picked this out because a lot of costumes you need the make-up, the wig and the funny shoes and all I'm wearing under here is slacks and a smile.

I'm promoting Oprah's magazine because I really believe in it and I wanted it to be all about her today. I mean, I have my own show and I don't need to promote myself ..."

And then she turned around to reveal this, the back of her costume:


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Did anyone happen to catch the episode of "The Big Give" when the "black" female social worker gets cut for wanting to be on stage singing, instead of helping the wheelchair bound focal point of the episode?
I did and she got ousted for being an ego-centric care-giver, and lost her prize money.
If you have half a brain you'll see the parallels between Oprah sitting front center camera's on her television program every day - and then again once a month on her magazine cover for the issues, and the cut from Oprah-Harpo's reality show social worker, losing a reward/treat like a bad dog for being greedy and ego-centric. See its different when your actually using social workers to get ratings in a reality T.V. program as opposed to wanting the position and being played a fool on T.V.-then cut, no?
Next we have Miss Oprah's new film about a hefty girl "Precious"-which is another crack or glimpse into the billionaires home in the projects of Jersey, just kidding the movie handles a different issue.
Now back to "The Give It Up" (Beg-Give) show- the social worker got cut from that episode for being a megalomaniac, but why? Was she doing something wrong(?) she means no or meant no harm- she's just trying to get ahead, and (dah) never got to grace the cover of O Magazine's, poor girl- she should know better- that cover is for Oprah and her brand new idea's in marketing to the older women and overweight who couldn't make it in modeling...and did in politics- because of "she".

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