Are you up for Oprah's Karaoke Challenge?

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What do you dial up when you hit the karaoke bar? Do you roller-skate straight for the "Xanadu"? Do you break out the hair metal? Do you dream the impossible dream?

Whatever you sing, Oprah wants to hear it.

Well, gospel singer BeBe Winans does, anyway. On Oprah's behalf -- as announced on today's show -- Winans is hitting the road "American Idol"-style to find the best karaoke singers in America. It's Oprah's Karaoke Challenge.

You can also enter by submitting a two-minute video of yourself singing along with your favorite karaoke track. You can upload your video from now until 11:59 p.m. Oct. 19.

Several singers will be selected to perform on "The Oprah Winfrey Show."

So start practicing. And take heed of Winans' 10 karaoke tips.

Here's a Beatles backing track to get you started ...

I Want To Hold Your Hand - Burning Fire Karaoke

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Hi, Every time I sing someone tells me I should enter a contest or go on american Idol. I'm going blind and would really like to give it a try while I still can. It would be a dream come true.

I realize that the competition has already started, but if you decide to have another one, my daughter has been an excellent singer all her life, but we did not know how to help her get started. if she is given the opportunity to she will win. Thank you.

Is the beer included. Karaoke is always better after a few shots and beers!! My man and I are known to bust out Those Summer Nights from Grease. Sounds like a fun show! Karaoke is hot in Wisconsin!

Hello BeBe,
Joey B. here. I have been singing as far as I can remember. This is a chance for me to have people nation wide to hear me sing. I have one question, will you be sending emails to the people that submitted there song? I hope I download my video right.

Hi BeBe,
I hope that you can help me because I am internet challenged. I don't have any idea how to enter on the internet & can't find anyone who can help me. I'm wondering if you will be having any auditions in my area or anywhere in Illinois or even Wisconsin. I will make every effort humanly possible to be there. Thank you,
Nancy Moczisko

I hope there will be a schedule or something similar, I love karaoke, I love to just sing, I'm the hero of the bar everytime I get up on that stage with a microphone in hand, and hope this will be taking place somewhere close to my hometown of Wild Rose Wisconsin.. Thank you for the chance to really shine!!

I would love to know if you guys will be out in Indiana anytime soon. My husband is an awesome singer and would love to be in your contest. His voice is amazing and leaves people with a very incredible impression wherever he sings. Please let me know.. You will love to hear him sing, this I promise.

come to Kentucky! No one ever comes to Kentucky.

I am currently warming up for my first home karaoke night with all my friends and family, my cousin leanne is great but she wont try out for the competitions. I have just bought a new karaoke player and am just setting it up now, can't wait

Hi BeBe;

It would be nice to know what karaoke bars you will be going to.

I would like to be at a place where you will be. I'm 73 years old, and go to

J D Muggs in Addison, IL on Wednesday nights. It’s a great place with good

talent. Was also wondering if you were going to have age brackets, it would be nice

for us seniors to get a shot.

Joe Kachel

Yup! I'm definitely warmin' up the chops to audition! :-D

Good points. Another blog I just found that was really interesting was this one :

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