Oprah's a salty gal, but not with her tequila

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(Photo by Kathy Hart)

Tuesday night from her massive stage in the middle of Michigan Avenue, Oprah Winfrey joked to the thousands in the throng that she'd like to pour everyone a tequila shot. The legalities of drinking in public, however, prevented her from playing barkeep.

"Nice party," Winfrey said. "We just need a few tequila shots. Believe me, I wanted you to have 'em but I'd end up being sued a time or two."

Earlier that afternoon, however, Oprah previewed the evening taping of her show -- a stunt to kick off the 24th season of her Chicago-based daytime talk show -- in an interview with Eric & Kathy on WTMX (101.9 FM). Even then she said she was hankerin' for a shot -- lime, no salt -- because, she said, that's how you know it's a party.

She promised to do tequila shots with Eric & Kathy after the big Mag Mile event, and apparently it was indeed a party. Kathy Hart took the photo above of Miss O and Eric Ferguson following through at one of the clubs in the new Trump International Hotel & Tower hours after the big show.

Allegedly, this is the tequila Oprah enjoys. And here's hoping they later feasted on the Tequila-Lime Chicken Brochettes from Oprah.com.

What would you do to throw back a few shots with Oprah? The conga line starts over by Dr. Oz's table ...

Tequila - The Champs

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I am surprised she would drink Partida which is an OK tequila, I see her more as drinking the real good stuff like Casa Noble or Tesoro.

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