New Oprah Winfrey book club pick coming Sept. 18

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Check your Twitter: Oprah Winfrey has some news.

The talk show host tweeted Monday that her first new book club pick in a year will be announced Friday, Sept. 18. In her announcement, Winfrey stated she had ³never made a selection like Œthis.²¹ The week of Sept. 14 could be a record-breaker for the publishing industry.

It starts that Monday with the release of Sen. Ted Kennedy¹s ³True Compass,² followed the next day by Dan Brown¹s ³The Lost Symbol² and capped by Winfrey¹s choice, which almost surely will sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

Winfrey¹s most recent pick was David Wroblewski¹s ³The Story of Edgar Sawtelle.² It was a word-of-mouth hit last summer and became a blockbuster in the fall after Winfrey endorsed it.


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