Dr. Oz: I call her 'Ms. Winfrey' -- and what he really thinks about Oprah

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Talk-show host Oprah Winfrey raises a champagne toast to Dr. Mehmet Oz, her in-house medical and health expert.

Make me proud -- that's the one thing Oprah Winfrey asked of Dr. Mehmez Oz -- the medical genius who the talk show queen has turned into a household name.

Oz -- who debuts his new show called "The Dr. Oz Show" Sept. 14 on FOX -- regards Winfrey on such a high level he only refers to her as "Ms. Winfrey." (Click the video to the left to watch the entire interview)

One thing's for sure, Oz definitely owes a lot to Winfrey -- including his new talk show. The medical genius told FOX Chicago's Mark Saxenmeyer that Winfrey is the fairest person he's met.

"She's spectacularly ordinary, and extraordinary all at the same time and she does that so beautifully," Oz said in the interview from Aspen, Colo. "She really is the fairest person I've ever met."

After five years and 55 episodes, Oz wrapped up his tour of duty on Winfrey's show in May.

Winfrey's Harpo Productions and Sony Pictures Television both are producing Oz's new show.

"This is a show I believe in. Judging by the response from our viewers, Dr. Oz has already demonstrated he is a valued and trusted medical expert who has created a deep connection with our audience," Winfrey said in a release in June.

Just what has Oz learned from Winfrey? Read Saxenmeyer's full report and the four things he's taken from his relationship from the talk show queen.

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