Oprah Winfrey: World's greatest boss?

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Oprah Winfrey : the world's greatest boss?

For the second time in recent years, she's making a strong case for that title by taking her entire staff and their families on vacation. This time they're going on a lavish Mediterranean cruise.

Winfrey and her staff will leave Chicago on Saturday. The cruise ship will stop in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Greece and Malta. She is covering transportation, food, drinks and activities at port stops.

In 2005, Winfrey celebrated the end of her "Wildest Dreams" season by surprising her staff with an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii.

According to Chicago-based Best Travel, a cruise like the one Winfrey is taking her staff on costs about $5,400 a person.

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This is very generous of her, my boss takes us to Me-N-Eds twice a year, and to the steak house for a Christmas Luncheon. He buys with company profits 50 Thousand $ cars, and a half dozen a year.......But will not assist with a group health plan. So when I fell of a horse and broke my colar bone, and all my right ribs, with a collapsed lung, I was up the creek with a $49,000. bill that was reduced to $18,000. Too bad my paycheck is taxed to pay for murderers, rapists, and thieves healthcare, but not my own. I Bet she helps her employees with health ins. too. I love her and would be very gratefull if she was my boss. She has a right to do with her $ what she wants. She earned it. And she worked many hard years to achieve where she is today.

For a billionaire she sure do has a small payroll and list of employee's. I guess cutting back during a terrible economy is necessary. Not sure how her donating to charity and using that as a tax write off is going to boost the economy, but the again who am I to judge?
A black rights activist who drives around in a Bentley and promotes black politics, seems to me like Miss Winfrey is an elitist using the poor and others to make herself look good. How nice of her to do things for people, she doesn't have to you know.

i'm glad she is taking her staff on a cruise - Why are you so harsh on her? She has earned her way and has been blessed - Good - God bless her

You mean the cruise isn't a perk from Carnival where she signed an endorsement deal to later promote cruises?
Oprah, go to www.oprah.com has her own way of capitalizing on the liberal dollar. How does Miss Winfrey make so much money doing charity work? If you read the legal (if that's actually legal) note under the contact form where you submit a story- it states, Oprah does not pay for words, idea's, stories submitted, and she-they can alter any word, story, idea...see Oprah needs new material for her show to make money from advertisers. But she doesn't have to pay for your words, stories, idea's and will and does profit from them- if you can figure what's yours after its altered.
That is what a plagiarist does- by definition- and who knows the more high profile the scheme the easier to win. Did she write the "Color Purple"?
Besides capitalizing on liberals is easy- they are very sensitive and like a "good" story.

I love how people "assume" the worst on this. Before people speak, why don't you do research or not speak at all.

1.) Oprah does not pay her employees "top" salaries, at all. Most people in her company are extremely underpaid but work there because of the name and it is worth more in the end and are able to get a few perks like this every few years.

2.) NO ONE was expected to work on this cruise - it was truly a vacation.

3.) There are limits where you can send a staff of 1,700. Other areas were investigated (she did Hawaii a few years back) but was limited due to the size.

Hey JJ, as a black woman, why can't Oprah speak proper English? You "have nutin" and have horrible spelling and grammatical skills. She's literate and is gainfully employed. Ever put the two together?

By JJ on June 19, 2009 10:08 AM
I have nutin.

I am a black, proud woman. Oprah is a sell-out.

Her staff ain't black. Her talk ain't black. She no live in black hood. She ain't a sista.

Uncle Tom meet Aunt Oprah.

Once again we see that no good deed goes unpunished.

Once again we see that no good deed goes unpunished.

I agree with many responders, that traveling with co-workers makes it business for 10-14 days for the employee. And it is showtime for the family members. And yes, taxes will have to be paid on it in 2010, and there is a possibility that some of the expenses were comped b/c she is Oprah and this is great advertisement for the selected cruise line. However, in this economy, the percentage of people that have a job, much less the percentage that can take a vacation (overseas or domestically) is shrinking. Ergo, I wish them a wonderful trip. Although I would much rather fly. Just ended my Alaskan Cruise and ships aren't my thing. I will stick to traveling by flight so I can get to where I am going.

What a bunch of jealous people posting here sure it doesn't faze her bank account but she doesn't have to do it..

I bet that there are some food banks in Chicago that could have made better use of that money.

Ms. "O" I would love to work for you...any plans on moving your production to CA?

Prior to the last election I would have thought this was a great and generous reward Oprah has given her staff. But in light of the policies and rhetoric from the man she did much to get elected President, I think Oprah is a hypocrite.

Oprah is clearly one of the most generous people in the entire world! Generosity is an attribute worthy of praise. I just wish it didn't translate into blind worship and docile acquiescence to all things Winfrey.

Can I work for you, Oprah? Don't you need a satellite office in Idaho???

If anyone believes that Oprah actually pays for any of the things she gives away then they are clearly a victim of the Oprah spin machine. Companies donate stuff to Oprah for the advertising boost, and then Oprah gives it away as if she is Mother Theresa. Oprah is really no better than a presenter on the home shopping network.

I have nutin.

I am a black, proud woman. Oprah is a sell-out.

Her staff ain't black. Her talk ain't black. She no live in black hood. She ain't a sista.

Uncle Tom meet Aunt Oprah.

A. Imperatori owner of APA Trucking in New Jersey took his folks yearly to places such as Bermuda and managed to get everyone out for a day on the APA yacht. He never made the kind of money Oprah gets for talking. The folks had to do something like tote that barge, etc.

Nice I suppose but you are with you work buddies and have to keep you game face on and you know, all that sucking up. It would be better to be given a trip without the office and without fanfare but then why would Oprah do that?

And to think she was voted the most "green" celebrity. I wonder what the "carbon footprint" was for the trip.

Boy would I like to go along, and provide my video services at N/C.
Lots to film.
Videographer to the stars...

Oh PUh-Leeze, on a pro rated cost basis this would be like your boss taking you to 6 Flags for the day.

Nice touch, but have heard shes a real demanding, prejudicial (for her own type), simple and closed minded auger to actually work for. Pays well, but her "peoples" work day and night while she simply shows up for "make up and reading practice".

Other than that, have a nice time...probably have a better time if she wasnt on board.

As Phil Donahue once became old school and paved the way for the Large O, its time now she realize shes old school and make way for an up and coming person (not black female, but open to all classes, races, genders, ages).

Come on. Where is the line drawn on "staff"? You make it sound like she is taking everyone at Harpo Productions.

And to think she was voted the most "green" celebrity. I wonder what the "carbon footprint" was for the trip.

Boy would I like to go along, and provide my video services at N/C.
Lots to film.
Videographer to the stars...

Just think of all the food or medical services that money would provide to the less fortunate. Maybe if she listened to Obama's rheteric she would think twice. Take from the rich distribute to the poor not the upper middle class.

Looks like another example of corporate greed and excess. Is Obama going to regulate Oprah?

great..maybe she can give them all coupons for free KFC while on the cruise..

It really is pitiful when someone has to buy friendship.

What cruise line?

As long as she has all this disposable cash on hand she should send it to the government she voted for and help reduce the debt she voted for..

Hmmm.... but I bet she is all about capping CEO salaries and forcing nationalized healthcare down our throats. Too bad she did not use the money to help a worthy cause.

Double standards triumph again!

As much as I appreciate Oprah's generosity, I do think all these people need to look and see if this qualifies as income and pay their fair share of taxes on the value of the full trip.

What a nice person. This has changed my view of her from indifferent to positive. Way to go Oprah

Both Ms. Winfrey and the employees are required pay taxes on this $5400; I wonder if they are ?

If any business is discussed the employees must be paid; wage and hour laws; I wonder if they will be ?

Probably not, they are liberals, laws don't apply to liberals

Beautiful inside and out!

Nice but big deal!

It's like me taking everyone to MacDonalds

Sounds great
As with all trips with Business Associates......it still is part of your job....you are still "on call" so to speak.......and plenty of work-related conversations happened on that trip.
So...not exactly a "vacation" completely.

I would still be thrilled, of course.

Why dosen't she keep the money in the USA? Maybe she can send her staff to Las Vegas? Oh wait, the great one dosen't want anyone going to Vegas. What hypocricy!

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