With 69,000 followers on Twitter, world awaits Oprah Winfrey's first tweet

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If there's anyone who can have almost 69,000 followers on Twitter (as of Friday morning) without a single tweet, you bet it's Oprah Winfrey.

But those caught up in the Twittersphere won't have to wait much longer.

The queen of daytime -- who's already established quite the following on Twitter via @oprah -- will tweet for the first time tomorrow during her live Friday broadcast.

No word yet on whether Winfrey herself will be the one updating her Twitter badge from then on out.

Ashton Kutcher -- who recently challenged CNN to see who'd be the first to get 1 million followers on Twitter -- also will appear on the show.

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I just want to thank Oprah and KFC for lunch today. It was great and free.

I am excited about all of this "Twitter" pandamonium! I myself am new to the twittersphere, having just joined last week(a few days prior to Oprah's first tweet). I followed the race between Ashton and CNN with real interest, I mean I love that guys personality! In your face CNN!! I really like being able to follow people like Trent Reznor(@trent_reznor) of Nine Inch Nails, the guys from Blink-182, Oprah(@Opreah), random tweeters who happen to be following something I'm following or interested in. So way to go Ashton!! Sorry 'bout your luck CNN!! And what's up Oprah, I have one question...What are you doing? Remember, answer in 140 characters or less!!

Who. Cares.

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