No joke, Oprah Winfrey isn't giving you $1 million: FBI

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Think you're getting $1 million from Oprah Winfrey? Not so, says the FBI.

The FBI issued a warning today that an "Oprah Millionaire Contest Show" e-mail is merely nothing more than a scam.

In the e-mail, the recipient is told they'll appear on an episode of Winfrey's talk show where $1 million will be given away.

Recipients are told they must purchase a transportation ticket to Chicago and pay to get into the show -- and must send the money to the sender.

Harpo put out a statement on its Web site saying the company and the show "are not sponsors nor do we have any involvement whatsoever with this e-mail solicitation."

Individuals who receive such unauthorized e-mails are encouraged to file a complaint with the FBI at

The statement also reminds viewers that show tickets are free and should never be paid for.

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