International Olympic Committee to mix, mingle with Oprah

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A Chicago celebrity who many believe shines brighter than an Olympic gold medal will be mixing and mingling with members of the International Olympic Committee Monday.

Talk show host Oprah Winfrey has accepted an invitation to attend a Monday night dinner at the Art Institute of Chicago, said Patrick Sandusky, director of public relations for Chicago 2016.

"Oprah is a supporter of the Olympic movement...and she's one of the most iconic Chicagoans," Sandusky said. "It certainly made sense to have her at the dinner that celebrates both the Olympic movement and the City of Chicago." Sandusky added: "We're extremely grateful." Sandusky said Monday's event was the one dinner the Chicago 2016 committee is allowed to host for International Olympic Committee members while they are in town.

He said Winfrey will be one of "a number of well-known Chicagoans and people from Chicago and the Olympic movement" at the event.

Winfrey threw her support behind the movement in a big way in September, when she kicked off her season with a show at Millennium Park featuring America's athletes from the 2008 Beijing Olympics and plenty of red and blue confetti.

Chicago is competing against Rio de Janeiro, Tokyo and Madrid to host the 2016 games. International Olympic Committee members arrived in Chicago Thursday to evaluate out how effectively the city could put on the major event.

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