'Aha moment' lands Oprah Winfrey, bank in court feud

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Someone's having an "aha moment," but is it Oprah Winfrey or the company that's trying to use the media mogul's famous catch phrase?

Winfrey isn't happy her famous phrase -- heard on almost every media platform she dominates -- is being used in a new promotional campaign for the Mutual of Omaha Bank, so she slapped the company with a cease and desist letter claiming she owns the rights for the famous phrase.

Not so fast, says the company, who then filed a lawsuit against Winfrey saying she abandoned any rights she may have to the phrase by failing to "police the alleged mark" when other businesses used it in advance.

According to TMZ , the suit was filed in a federal court in Nebraska on April 22 and lawyers have requested the judge allow the bank to continue with its promotional campaign.

"Harpo has not filed a lawsuit or counterclaim against Mutual of Omaha. We hope to reach an amicable resolution on this issue," a Winfrey rep told TMZ.

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Oprah has nothing better to do but try to claim ownership to a phrase thats been part of the english language since 1939 ?? She needs to be concentrating on weight issue again. Give me a break!

The phase "Aha moment" originated in the 1930's. Oprah is a greedy fool and must be stopped in this and other endeavors. She's a (very) big baby.

Seriously? I better not write anything more, might get sued.

Sorry O! Looks like you can't get everything you want.

I hope they bankrupt each other.

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